How to Add a Header Image to Thesis 1.8

Add an image to your Thesis Header

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Thesis 1.8 introduced the Thesis Header Image function.  This function allows you to easily upload a logo image or other graphic and insert it into your header.  In the video below we look at how to do this, and what happens with various images sizes.  In this video we explore

  • How to determine the correct image size
  • What happens when the image is too large
  • What happens when the image is too small
  • How to make simple adjustments to make the site fit the image

This Video is best watched in HD & Full Screen

One thing to note, if you want the image to be “clickable” – under Thesis Design Options -> Display Options -> Header you need to select “Show site name in header”.  Otherwise the header will not be clickable.  See the image below.

Thesis Header Image Display SettingsLesson 5 of the Customize Thesis Like a Pro tutorial series demonstrates how to use the Thesis Header Image so that you can have different header images on different pages.

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