How to Create a Membership Website

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Create a membership site that provides access to learning materials for a fee. You’ll learn how to set up a site that sells several training courses that a member can purchase and then have access to. Course materials will have video, text and audio components. Membership on the site will also grant access to a forum. Finally, the course materials will be viewable in mobile versions as well.

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Course Outline

  • The lesson is availableLesson 1 – Introduction – Go to the lesson

    • Course Description
    • Membership Site Components
    • Site Structure Using WordPress
  • The lesson is not availableLesson 2 – Initial Site Setup – Go to the Lesson

    • Considerations When Choosing Membership and Shopping Cart Plugins
    • General WordPress Settings
    • Change Email Details
    • Quick Setup of  Thesis Design Options
    • The Site Architecture
    • URL Structure
    • Create Static Front and Blog Pages
    • Setup Thesis Nav Menu
  • The lesson is not availableLesson 3 – WP eStore Settings- Go to the Lesson

    • WP eStore General Shopping Cart Settings
    • Shipping & Tax Related Settings
    • Secondary Currency
    • Pay Per View Content Settings
    • Post Payment Processing
    • Email Settings
    • Create Product Categories
    • Create Products
    • Display Products on Posts and Pages
    • Display Product Catalog
  • The lesson is not availableLesson 4 – WP eMember Settings – Go to the Lesson

    • Understanding WordPress User Roles
    • Create new user type for paid members
    • Configure WP eMember General Settings
    • Configure WP eMember Pages/Forms Settings
    • Create Membership Levels
    • Manage Content Protection From Admin Screens
    • Manage Content Protection From Page Edit Screen
  • The lesson is not availableLesson 5 – Configure Autoresponder & Email – Go to the Lesson

    • Create a list for free signups – Aweber & Mail Chimp
    • Create the signup forms
    • Create lists for premium signups – Aweber & Mail Chimp
    • Create a catchall list – Aweber
    • Create the welcome autoresponder message
  • The lesson is not availableWeek 6 – Configure User Signup

    • Add the signup form
    • Configure free membership sign up
    • Stylize the signup forms
    • Add the login form
    • Create a PayPal Sandbox testing environment
    • Test setup with PayPal Sandbox
  • The lesson is not availableLesson 7 – Create Member Dashboard

    • Add Members Menu
    • Download & Install the BYOB Thesis WP Menus Plugin
    • Configure plugin
    • Add welcome message to the dashboard
    • Add attention box to dashboard
    • Add bookmarks to dashboard
    • Add purchase history to the dashboard
    • Add Member Profile
    • Install Simple:Press Forum
    • Add Forum Groups
    • Add Forums
  • The lesson is not availableLesson 8 – Configure Simple:Press Forum

    • Understanding WordPress/WP eMember/Simple:Press Forum User Configuration
    • Configure Simple:Press Forum Permissions – User Roles
    • Configure Simple:Press Forum Permissions – Permissions
    • Configure Simple:Press Forum Options
    • Configure Simple:Press Forum Components
    • Configure Simple:Press Forum Profiles
    • Configure Simple:Press Forum Other Settings
  • The lesson is not availableLesson 9 – Deliver your Video Content

    • Video Hosting Options – hosted, self hosted, download
    • Video Hosting Considerations
    • Video Hosting Scorecard – hosted solutions
    • Video Hosting Scorecard – self hosted solutions
    • Rick’s Suggested System
    • Set Up Amazon S3
  • The lesson is not availableLesson 10 – Setup Secure Content Delivery

    • Set Up Amazon S3 – Part 2
    • Install and Configure S3FlowShield
    • Secure Delivery of Videos & Other Content Hosted on Amazon S3 Using S3FlowShield
    • Mobile Videos hosted on Vimeo
    • Setup for Secure and Mobile Video
    • Setup for Visible and Mobile Video
  • The lesson is not availableLesson 11 – Personalize the User Experience

    • Personalize – Add Profile
    • Personalize – Add Course List Widget
    • Personalize – Control Widget Display
    • Personalize – Add User’s Forum Posts
    • Course Specific Sidebar Content – Control Content Display
    • Add Module List for Each course
  • The lesson is not availableLesson 12 – Strategies for Displaying Teaser Content

    • Publicly accessible pages with teaser content
    • Teaser Video Content
    • Teaser Text Content

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