Lesson 6 – Configure User Signup

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In this sixth lesson, Configure User Signup, of our How to Create a Membership Website course we begin by showing how to configure the user registration and login. Then we move on to adding content protection to pages based on the level of content. And finally, we show how to set up a PayPal testing environment and test out the paid signup system.

The lesson is not availableConfigure User Registration – Watch the Video

  • Add Registration Page

    • Complete Your Registration Here page
  • Configure Registration Form

    • Registration Form Fields
      • How much info to require?
        • generally – the minimum necessary
      • display
      • requires
    • Edit Profile Fields
      • display
      • require
  • Add Login Text

  • Add Registration Shortcode

    • Free register page
    • main register page
  • Add Login form to sidebar

  • Complete the Main Thank You page

    • add the PayPal requirements
    • add the expectation
    • add transaction record

The lesson is not availableAdd Content Protection to Pages

  • Free course protection

    • add protection
    • make available to all members
    • add link to dashboard for testing
  • Membership course protection

    • add protection
    • make available to this level only
    • add link to dashboard for testing
  • Multilingual course protection

    • add protection
    • make available to this level only
    • add link to dashboard for testing
  • Get rid of bookmarks

The lesson is not availableTesting the System – Free Registration

  • Select Join
  • opt-in form
  • Confirmed opt-in
  • Register
  • Welcome from AWeber
  • Your Registration is Complete – From eMember
  • Confirmation from AWeber to admin
  • Add admin to the member list
    • import WordPress members
    • Edit & add all levels

The lesson is not availableSetup PayPal Testing Environment

  • Download User Guide – https://cms.paypal.com/cms_content/US/en_US/files/developer/PP_Sandbox_UserGuide.pdf

  • Signup for sandbox account

  • Create test accounts

    • Overview
      • a single membership purchase
      • a multiple membership purchase
      • a single member purchase with refund
    • create a merchant account – Keep it fictitious
      • make sure the account is verified – add the bank
      • copy the password or use one you’ll remember –
    • Manually create a buyer account – Keep it fictitious
      • use a dummy email
      • add a bank account
        • verify the account
      • add a credit card
    • Manually create the other buyer accounts
  • Configure WP eStore

    • Login to sandbox as merchant
    • Payment Gateway Settings
      • sandbox secure merchant ID
        • go to profile
        • add to WP eStore
      • sandbox PID
        • go to profile -> Selling Preferences -> Website Payment preferences
        • Setup up PDT
        • add PID to WP eStore
    • General Settings
      • Debug
      • Use Sandbox

The lesson is not availableTest Paid Signup

  • Start this course now

    • notice the PayPal url
  • Pay with PayPal

  • Check your inbox

    • Complete your registration
    • Thank You for Your Purchase
    • Confirm your subscription
  • Setup Registration

    • select link in registration email
    • fill out form
  • Test from dashboard

    • go to link
    • go to protected link
    • got to free link
  • Look at Sandbox Email

    • Notification of product sale
    • Receipt
  • Look at WP eStore History

    • manage members
    • stats
  • Look at WP eMember member list

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