Lesson 2 – Part 3 – Configure Gmail to Use your Business Email Account

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Lesson 2 – Part 3 – Configure Gmail to Use your Business Email Account

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Configure Gmail to Get your Mail from your New Business Email Account

Welcome back to the second lesson in the Start Building Your Website Here Tutorial Series. In this third part of the lesson we will configure Gmail to use your new email account. You’ll see that configuring Gmail is quite a bit different than setting up Outlook. You can get to Gmail from our Lesson 2 page which is at www.byobwebsite.com then hover over Video Lessons, select Basic Tutorials, then click “Start Building Your Website Here” and we go to Lesson 2.
Down here in the right hand corner you can see the Lesson 2 resources, select Gmail and the Gmail Login screen will come up. Now you enter your username and password and click sign in. So this is my Gmail account, now we go to the upper right hand corner and select settings. Go over to “Accounts and Import” and then go down to “Check Mail Using POP3”. Now we click this button over here and this will bring up a dialog box where you can “Add a mail account you own”. So in this case, I add my email account, and click “Next Step”. So obviously, it’s going to be yourname@yourdomain.com. Now we click “Next step”
And we get to the next dialog box. Now the username here is the same username as we used in Outlook but if you need to refresh your memory you can switch back to HostGator Control Panel. Then scroll down to “Email Accounts” and this is my username right here, click “more” and then select “Configure mail client” and right here you can find the manual settings for configuring your email account.
The mail server username is melissa@tailoringthesisskins.com so let’s copy that and go back to Gmail, paste it here. Then we enter our password. The password is the same as the password that we entered when we created our email address. The POP Server is mail.tailoringthesisskins.com. Port 110 is correct. I generally don’t leave a copy of retrieved message in the server and I don’t need to use a secure connection when retrieving mail. I’m happy with that “Label for incoming messages” and I don’t want to skip my inbox, so I leave it at that and then I click “Add account”.
So now your email account has been added. You can now retrieve mail from this account. Would you like to also be able to send mail as melissa@tailoringthesisskins.com, select “Yes”. It would ask you for the name that you would like to show up and of course, we’ll leave it as that and select the “Next step”. Now this next dialog box is asking you whether to send through  Gmail or send through tailoringthesisskins.com SMTP server, so we select “Send through Gmail” then select “Next step”.
And now it’s time for verification. “Before you can send mail as melissa@tailoringthesisskins.com we need to verify that you own this email address. To perform the verification, click “Send Verification” so we click that. So we go back over to my Gmail inbox and here’s the email that Gmail sent so I open it up and what we’re looking for here, is the confirmation code so we copy that and go back to dialog box. I enter the confirmation code and hit verify.
So let’s check our email settings, go back to “Accounts and Import” and as you can see our email account has been added. Now you can test this by sending yourself an email at your domain name from any other source and you should be getting your emails in this mailbox from now on. In fact, let’s try and do that. Click “compose mail” and use our default email, send it to yourname@domainname.com. And there we go, we just received our “Test” email.
So that about wraps up the third part of Lesson 2. In the fourth part of  the lesson, we will set up and configure Yahoo to access your email account.

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Daniel March 17, 2012 at 4:57 pm

I have my Gmail account set up so that I receive all emails that go to my website email. Is there a way to make it so that when I reply from my Gmail account it says that it is coming from daniel@hiphoplot.com instead of my personal Gmail account?


Rick Anderson March 19, 2012 at 9:06 am

Yes, that’s under Mail Settings -> Accounts -> Send mail as:


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