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BYOB meanMenu Responsive Menu Box for Thesis 2.1

Responsive menus can be a pain in the butt! Especially menus with multiple levels of drop down submenus. Add to that the natural desire to have control over the menu’s appearance and you have a potential disaster on your hands. Well now that problem is solved, once and for all! The BYOB meanMenu Responsive Menu Box for Thesis 2.1 takes all of the hassle out of multi-level drop down menus. You can have unlimited levels and it drops down nicely into a single bar for mobile devices.

Plus it gives you complete control over every aspect of the appearance of the menu. You can control every element of the font used and the main menu and submenus can be styled independently! Set the background colors for the various states of the a menu link, plus them them all different again for the submenus and the mobile version of the menu. This thing will even jump to the very top of the mobile browser window if you want it to and it works perfectly with all types of touch devices.

BYOB meanMenu Responsive Menu Box for Thesis 2.1 from Rick Anderson on Vimeo.

With this box you can:

  • Create any number of menus and style them independently of each other
  • Set the background colors for the main menu, submenu and mobile menu independently
  • Set the font characteristics for the main menu and submenu independently
  • Adjust the padding and dimensions of your individual menu items
  • Determine where the menu should show up on mobile devices
  • Drag and drop menus anywhere in your template

Premium members of the site can download the Thesis 2.1 box from the link below.

BYOB meanMenu Responsive Menu Box for Thesis 2.1

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Installation Instructions:

Remember that this is a box, not a plugin, skin or package so it is installed and activated from the Thesis 2 Select Boxes menu.

  • Download the box from the link above. – Do not unzip the file.
  • Go to the Thesis >> Boxes >> Select Boxes menu
  • Use the upload box button to select and upload the box from your computer.
  • Once installed, place a check beside the box description and hit “Save Boxes”
  • Go to the Thesis 2 Skin Editor, you will find a BYOB meanMenu Responsive Menu item in the Add Boxes menu.
  • Place the box in a template
  • Edit you styles using the box options
  • Save your CSS – this is an important step
  • You are finished!  Now you have a full responsive menu that looks great in all devices