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Create a Registration Form Using Contact Form 7

In this lesson you’ll learn how to create a registration form using Contact Form 7. This lesson covers different material than is covered in Lesson 1 so if you haven’t already viewed Lesson 1 you’ll probably find it helpful.

There are 4 parts to this lesson. In this lesson we will create a registration form, create a custom graphic submit button, add custom styling to the form using css and configure a “Thank You” page that the user is redirected to.

Part 1 – Create a Registration Form Using Contact Form 7 – Watch the Video

  • Create a new registration form
  • Add the appropriate fields
  • Edit the organization and content of the form

Part 2 – Create a Custom Graphic Submit Button – Watch the Video

  • Create a new button using a button generator
  • Style the button
  • Create a button for the hover condition

Part 3a – Custom CSS Styling for your Registration Form – Watch the Video

  • Create an HTML container for the form
  • Style the form container
  • Style the form text
  • Style the form’s input fields
  • Style the submit button

Part 3b – Custom CSS for a Form Element – Watch the Video

  • Create a custom class for the element
  • Style the input element
  • Test the styling

Part 4 – Configuring Redirect to “Thank You” Page – Watch the Video

  • Create a Thank You page
  • Configure the re-direct
  • Test the system
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