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6 Reasons why Thesis 2.3 is still on the cutting edge of WordPress themes.

I’ve been working with Thesis since 2010.  When I started it was revolutionary, it had lots of features that weren’t available anywhere else, like a customizable menu, post images, a full compliment of hooks and filers and dynamic CSS settings.  Now those things are old hat.  A long time WordPress observer might say that the cutting edge in themes now can be found in the drag and drop page builders.

But the cutting edge in real web development is in creating Google friendly, lean, fast, mobile experiences.  And that’s where Thesis 2.3 shines.

Below are my reasons for choosing Thesis when developing a small business website.

Thesis 2.3 is Screaming Fast

There is no trade off in Thesis between it’s flexibility and site speed. It doesn’t load extra code. It has super efficient CSS. It doesn’t require extra processing on the front end to accommodate drag and drop features.

There are plenty of options out there that appear to have a lot of flexibility with drag and drop tools and a front end experience that users find easy to use. But, those tools trade the speed of the site for that flexibility. Those tools require the loading of additional  javascript and creates lots of extra CSS script in order for those things to work.

Thesis doesn’t work like that. It has all it’s flexibility on the back end. You can create anything you want on the back end and have it load no more code than a standard Thesis website does. Whereas in typical Page Builders that’s not the case. Typically with them when you create a different page layout you end up loading a bunch of extra page specific code.

In the video below we talk about these features and then show you examples of how fast and efficient Thesis is on WebPageTest. And we talk about why caching plugins don’t solve the speed problem with other Themes or Page Builders because of their page weight.

Thesis 2.3 Exploits Latest SEO Strategies

Semantic markup used to be the biggest thing in SEO but speed and schema have become more important. Schema is a big part of what makes it easy for search engines to understand pages are about and Thesis does that without loading extra data.

This is something that everyone else is either ignoring or they are giving you the most generic level of schema. You aren’t able to easily manage or customize it.

They want you to install a plugin to provide the markup but that does 2 things. It adds more processing to your web page load at the point of the page load and it can double the size of the webpage.

The video below gives additional details about these SEO strategies. Chris Pearson also talks about how important website organization was when he created Thesis 2 and how that impacts the SEO of your site.

Thesis 2.3 is Infinitely Customizable

Obviously, different skill levels affect website building ability. Thesis addresses this in two ways. One, for the non technical person who just wants to get a site built without much tinkering Thesis provides Skins. There are a number of skin available that give you different kinds of controls that meet various needs. They provide a level of customization for someone who doesn’t want to spend time learning the technical stuff.

For the DIYer and web design professionals, Thesis gives you easily created custom templates for anything that you want. Thesis has always been way ahead of the curve on the type of templates you can create and how you create them. We talk more about the incredible differences in the Thesis template system, the ability to place widget areas anywhere, have as many menus as you want where ever you want and more in the following video.

Thesis 2.3 Allows Very Complex Customization Via Drag and Drop

Not everything is drag and drop and there is still some learning curve to this but things that used to require PHP now require none and there is no need to understand or use hooks and filters.

Thesis 2.3 Allows You to Do All your Work in the Browser

For the DIYer and Professionals Thesis 2.3 almost entirely eliminates the need for a separate Code Editor.

Thesis 2.3 Seamlessly Integrates with WooCommerce

Every store page works perfectly out of the box. It doesn’t load code where it isn’t needed.

These are some of the reasons the Thesis theme is the perfect basis for all types of WordPress websites: eCommerce, Membership Sites, Educational Sites, static and hybrid small business websites.

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