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BYOBWebsite SEO Example

An SEO Example from One of Our Posts

We are following up last week’s BYOBWebsite SEO Reference Sheet post with a real world SEO example from one of our posts. The reference sheet is intended to help you understand all the pieces that make up good search engine optimization for blog posts and pages on your Thesis site.

Our example Thesis post is from the Start Building Your Website Here series and is part 4 of lesson 6. It has a video followed by an edited video transcript. I’ve outlined below the SEO components from this post. If you would like to get a pdf of this post click here: BYOBWebsite SEO Example.

WordPress Post Title

BYOBWebsite Post Title Example

An Example WordPress Title


The URL has been optimized so that you can see the name of our website, the category of video tutorials and the subject.


  • Critical content or main points are provided in the first paragraph with internal links.
  • The main keywords are emphasized in the first sentence: Search Engine Optimization for your Thesis website. The text is both used as a link and is bold.
  • The total word count is 1053 (1053/120 =8.7 links).
  • We have 9 internal links to related posts with 4 in the first paragraph.
  • The links are part of keyword or phrases rather than just an individual word.
  • If you hover over the links on the post, the name of the lesson linked to is shown.
  • The first heading is an h2 (heading 2) with the rest as h3 (heading 3).
  • The paragraphs are relatively short.
  • The content is broken up with multiple headings that describe upcoming content and give an opportunity to highlight keywords.

You can see some of the points I made above in this excerpt from the post. To see the full content go to Part 4 of Lesson 6 of the Start Building Your Website Here series.

BYOBWebsite Post Content Example

Excerpt of the Post's first two paragraphs

Custom Title Tag and Meta Description

Thesis gives you the opportunity to customize your title and description specifically for SEO purposes leaving you free to adjust the post title to suit your readers.

BYOBWebsite Thesis SEO Details

Thesis SEO Details and Additional Style from the Edit Post screen

Scribe Content Score

Scribe analyzes your content and will let you know if you are overusing specific words, what your primary and secondary keywords are, if you have enough internal links in your post and much more. We don’t get 100% on all our posts; sometimes content is very long and the number of links “required” isn’t reasonable or we overuse a keyword. These things happen but having a plugin like Scribe is very beneficial for keeping us on track with our SEO goals.

The Scribe SEO results from this post.

  • 100%. The Custom Title, Description and Body all meet the criteria for the number of characters, keywords, keywords towards the beginning of title and description, and the correct number of hyperlinks
  • Primary Keywords: thesis, google, search engine optimization, seo

Click here if you’d like to go to Scribe’s website and learn more.

This Post’s Search Engine Result

BYOBWebsite Post Search Result

Our Thesis Post Google Search Engine Result

If you would like to get a pdf of this post click here: BYOBWebsite SEO Example.

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