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About BYOB

The Problem was founded by me, Rick Anderson. I’d been running a residential architectural firm since 1992 and in the fall of 2008 the bottom dropped out of our business, as it did with most residential architects and plenty of other folks as well. At the time, Laura and I had 3 kids in college and one in high school and, as you can imagine, we couldn’t afford a significant loss of income. Sound familiar? All of a sudden we needed to find some way of getting more work.

The Solution

I’d been dabbling with a website ( for a couple of years but it was just for fun and wasn’t necessary from a business standpoint. In October of 2008 I decided to use a website as part of my business marketing plan. I purchased the domain name and decided to revamp my site toward single family home owners. A friend suggested I add a blog to the site so I did some research and discovered WordPress. As it turns out – WordPress saved our bacon!

I installed WordPress on my site and started blogging about northwest residential architecture in November. By December homeowners in the Seattle area started calling me and in January we got our first internet related job. Within 3 months we’d gotten 14 new projects and were getting new calls every week. Take a look at the video on in the sidebar, “Is this guy for real?”, to see how the website changed our business.

The Hungry Mason – Anyone Can Make This Work

Along comes my bricklayer buddy who for the first time in over 20 years didn’t have any work. I showed him how to setup WordPress on his domain,, and helped him build his portfolio website entirely in WordPress. All of a sudden he starts getting phone calls and emails. Before you know it he’s turning away work. In the fall of 2009 all of his work comes from people searching the internet, finding his site and calling him.

Unexpected Advice – Why I’m Here To Help You Now

In mid summer I hire Victoria Fann, a small business consultant, to help me hone the message and content on the new site I’m building ( I confess to Victoria that I’ve really enjoyed marketing my architectural business online. The surprise result of my consultation with her is the recommendation that I pursue a new business venture helping other small business owners accomplish what I’ve accomplished.

It’s not Rocket Science, I Know You Can Do This

So here I am. I didn’t start out as a web design expert or an internet marketing expert. I am someone who successfully used the knowledge I had to develop a website and market my own local service business online.

5 years later I’m expert enough to consult with large corporations, local mom and pop businesses and Olympic gold medal winners. I help experts and beginners alike whether you are trying to put a Google map on your website or you are building a complex web application in WordPress.

So whether you are absolutely new to creating websites, know a bit about WordPress and building sites or you’re a web designer, I’ve got something for all levels of learning.

If you are a beginner I’d love to teach you how to develop your own website. If you’re a web designer I can help you improve your web development skills. Folks say I have a way of explaining things that is easy to understand.

Here’s what some of our members have to say.

Rick Anderson has a unique way of making complex things logical and simple enough for us to attempt them with our limited ability. He is not only a masterful teacher but he has the ability to make you believe you can build a professional business web site. His lessons are logical and easy to follow. What really separates Rick from other online course instructors is the personal access you have to him through his live webinars and private coaching. He has been a blessing to me.

Lanny Bassham
Mental Management Systems

You have done a fantastic job augmenting the site and giving us members even more bang for the buck. Your video series has been invaluable and has greatly contributed to my creating a couple of websites (the second is about 80% there). You are my go-to-source when I am stumped. Just love the visual approach — it suits my learning style.

Mado Reid

BYOBWebsite is one of the few educational resources available to help take your design projects to the next level. Rick’s knowledge, skills, and–particularly–patience make both the recorded and live sessions entertaining and informative. The site is a goldmine of practical techniques and best practices that are nothing less than a roadmap to success. Highly recommended!

George Andrews
Hands Up! Marketing

Just a quick note to say thanks for the fantastic tutorials and for your help in the forums with building my e-shop. I’ve been a WordPress user for five years, and a Thesis user for three, and have been used to searching the Thesis forums, and asking for help whenever I wanted to make changes to my site. When the changes I needed were more than could be detailed in a forum reply, I paid other people to work on my site. I didn’t understand what they’d done, so when further changes were needed, I’d have to pay them again, sometimes to undo the work they had done in the first place.

I can’t tell you how empowering it is to know that I will never have to pay someone else to work on any of my websites again. My shop has been open for business for just two weeks, and it’s working beautifully. Products are purchased and downloaded, people sign up for my mailing lists, my bank balance is growing, and the whole process just works seamlessly.

I am such a delighted client, in fact, that this morning I extended my subscription for another six months. Paying you for knowledge instead of paying someone else to do the work is the best investment I’ve made in my business this year. There are no words to convey how deeply satisfying the process of learning has been for me. Except for these: Thank you.

Brenda Dayne

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