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BYOB Custom Excerpt Box for Thesis 2

Do you want more control over the display and composition of the WordPress excerpt? The BYOB Custom Excerpt box for Thesis 2 gives it to you. With it you can effortlessly set the length of excerpt, the content after the excerpt and add a “Read More” link. Best of all these settings only apply to the specific excerpt and not to all the others. This allows you to have short excerpt in some cases and long excerpts in others. Each tailored to the desired condition.

Watch the video below to learn more about this Box.

BYOB Custom Excerpt Box for Thesis 2 from Rick Anderson on Vimeo.

Premium members of the site can download the Thesis 2 box from the link below.


  • Adjust the length of the excerpt by number of words
  • Adjust the length of the excerpt by the number of characters
  • Set the length of the excerpt to the first paragraph
  • Set the length of the excerpt to the <–!more tag
  • Allow the display of HTML in the excerpt
  • Customize the text that follows the excerpt
  • Add a “Read More” link after the excerpt
  • Set the “Read More” text to anything you want
  • Perfect for Thesis 2.1 Query Boxes

Download BYOB Custom Excerpt Box version 2.1.1 for Thesis 2

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Installation Instructions:

Remember that this is a box, not a plugin, skin or package so it is installed and activated from the Thesis 2 Select Boxes menu.

  • Download the box from the link above. – Do not unzip the file.
  • Go to the Thesis >> Boxes >> Select Boxes menu
  • Use the upload box button to select and upload the box from your computer.
  • Once installed, place a check beside the box description and hit “Save Boxes”
  • In the skin editor place a BYOB Custom Excerpt box in the post box of the template
  • Adjust your setting
  • You are finished!  Now the content of that box will only display to users of the specified roles.

Video Transcript

This is an introduction to the BYOB Custom Excerpt Box for Thesis 2. This box gives you the ability to control the length of the excerpt and to modify some of the things at the end of it. For example, you can change out the text that shows up at the end of an excerpt and also to add a Read More link to it.

Install the Box

We are going to do that here on this site here where we’ll start by installing. So we come on over to the Skin Boxes, Manage Boxes and we will upload that box, byob-custom-excerpt box. Then add the box and say okay. Go down, check it and hit save boxes.

Then when we come over to our Skin Editor we’ll find that we have a new box that can be added, the BYOB Custom Excerpt box.

Example Use: Shorten an Excerpt

One of the things I’m doing here in this template is I’m using the BX Content Slider to display testimonials and it is using the standard size excerpt. But what we can do is make this excerpt shorter. That’s what we’ll do with this.

We’ll come down to the Custom Excerpt box and we’ll call this Testimonial Excerpt and we’re going to make the link of the excerpt only 20 words and we’re going to add “Learn More” there and then we’ll say okay to this.

Then what we do is just drag the excerpts down and drop it into the query box. We’ll move it down to where the other excerpt was and move that one out and hit save. Refresh this page and now you see we have quite a bit smaller excerpt.

You can see it has the Learn More, it’s got a little bit of different text at the end and the link of the excerpt has gotten to be the size that we want it to be. If you click on it it takes you over there. That’s it in nutshell, I hope you find it useful.

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