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BYOB Display Content by Role Box for Thesis 2

Do you have a membership site where you want to display different content for different member levels? How about a menu for the general public and a menu for members? How about a call to action that only shows up for visitors but not for members?
Now you can do that easily inside of your template. Just drag one of these boxes to the template, place any type of box inside of it and then set which WordPress user roles should be able to see the content.

BYOB Display Content by Role Box for Thesis 2 from Rick Anderson on Vimeo.

Premium members of the site can download the Thesis 2 box from the link below.


  • Can contain any Thesis boxes
  • Can contain an unlimited number of Thesis boxes
  • Set display to logged in users only
  • Set display to non-logged in user only
  • Set display to any number or combination of specific user roles
  • Set not to display to administrators

Download BYOB Display Content by Role Box version 2.1.1 for Thesis 2

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Installation Instructions:

Remember that this is a box, not a plugin, skin or package so it is installed and activated from the Thesis 2 Select Boxes menu.

  • Download the box from the link above. – Do not unzip the file.
  • Go to the Thesis >> Boxes >> Select Boxes menu
  • Use the upload box button to select and upload the box from your computer.
  • Once installed, place a check beside the box description and hit “Save Boxes”
  • In the skin editor place a BYOB Display Content by Role box in the template
  • Place any boxes you wish to control within the box
  • Set the box options to display to the desired user roles
  • You are finished!  Now the content of that box will only display to users of the specified roles.

Video Transcript

This is an introduction to the BYOB Display Content by User Role Box for Thesis 2.1. This box allows you to control the display of content inside of a template based on the logged in user role.

Show both Member and Non Member Specific Content

So it’s good for membership sites or sites where you have people who log in because you can use it to show member menus or member related content or calls to action for people who aren’t members that kind of thing.

Install the Box

We’re going to start by installing it. Just click on that, download it then we’re going to install it on this site. Come over to Manage Boxes and upload the box. Choose the file, byob-display-content-by-role, open that up and we’ll add the box. Say okay, scroll down and put a checkmark beside the box and save the boxes.

Example Use: Add Member and Visitor Content to the Header

Now what that gives you is a box in your Skin Editor that you can use to control content. Let’s go over to the Skin Editor and let’s look at the Header. Right now we have the typical header set up so that the left column shows the header image and the right column shows the site title and tagline but let’s set that to show an empty container instead.

Create Member’s Content Box

Say okay to that and then we’ll create this box and it is the BYOB Display Content By Role box. Add the box, shift+drag and drop that into the typical header and we’ll call this Header Content for Members Display Control. And down here are the things that you can check and since we’re going to say this is for members we’re going to use the “to all logged in users”.

You can easily instead do this with other individual user groups. Let’s say, for example, you’re using your subscriber as the standard member. You could choose subscriber instead, if you’re using the membership plugin you may have created a membership role for this that you can click. But we’ll go ahead and say “to all logged in users”.

Create Visitor Content Box

We’re going to show this content to all logged in users then we’ll create another one that shows content to visitors. So again, Display Content by Role and this is going to be Header Text for Visitors Display.

Say okay and we’ll shift+drag that one into the Typical Header too. Let’s call it Display Control. It doesn’t matter what you call this as long as you can keep track of it. So Header Text for Visitors Display Control and then I think we’ll just have a text box for each of those.

So we’ll call it Visitors Header Text, then we’ll call it Member Header Text and we’ll drop the Member Header Text one in the Member Control, the Visitor Header Text one into Visitor Control. And just to make sure we have this set properly we’re going to say show this to non logged in users only.

We’ll save that template then we’ll come on over to Skin Content and we’ve got our Visitor Header Text. We’ll just say “Howdy Visitor”. Save that and then go back to the Skin Content and Member Header Text and say “Howdy Member”.

Review Changes on the Site

Now if we come over to the site you can see that since I’m logged in, it’s showing me “Howdy Member” but if I go to this in a browser where I’m not logged in, it says “Howdy Visitor” instead, right because it’s showing me the non logged in stuff.

Examples of Ways to Use the Box

I use this for things like menus and for member level sidebars and things like that. You can see this in play in the redesign I’m doing of BYOBWebsite. This is the logged in member view here and actually, I’m just going to log us in.

Here in the Skin Editor I have this User Menu Area and I have a Visitor Menu Display control which displays the Visitor Menu and a Member Menu Display Control which displays the Member Menu so I’m showing two different menus.

With this being the Member Menu, it knows it starts with my dashboard and I don’t have it styled currently yet but this is the Visitor Menu without the dashboard. Obviously it’s a different arrangement, right? So we have two different menus depending upon the status of the individual that’s logged in and you can use this for anything that you want to hide or show based on the users login status.

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