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BYOB Exclude Categories From Posts for Thesis 2

Do you want to prevent some categories of posts from displaying on your blog page? Now excluding individual categories is as easy as checking a box. No more “Uncategorized” posts showing up in your blog. Use it to separate portfolio posts or announcements from your main blog. Exclude one or many – it’s up to you, with no code to write, no files to manage just upload the box, activate it and check those categories you want to hide!

BYOB Exclude Categories From Posts for Thesis 2 from Rick Anderson on Vimeo.

Premium members of the site can download the latest version of Thesis 2 box from the link below.

Download BYOB Exclude Categories from Posts version for Thesis 2.6

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Download BYOB Exclude Categories from Posts version 1.1 for Thesis 2.0

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Installation Instructions:

Remember that this is a box, not a plugin, skin or package so it is installed and activated from the Thesis 2 Select Boxes menu.

  • Download the box from the link above. – Do not unzip the file.
  • Go to the Thesis >> Boxes >> Select Boxes menu
  • Use the upload box button to select and upload the box from your computer.
  • Once installed, place a check beside the box description and hit “Save Boxes”
  • Refresh your browser and you will now have a BYOB Exclude Categories menu item in the Thesis Boxes menu.
  • Place a check beside the categories you don’t wish to display on your blog page
  • Hit “Save the excluded category list”
  • You are finished!  Now no posts with those categories will be displayed on your blog page.

Video Transcript

This is an introduction to the BYOB Exclude Categories from Posts Page Box for Thesis 2. The main thing that this box does is it allows you to identify a category of posts that will not show up on the blog post page. It’s the one and only thing this box does.

Example: Exclude Posts for Products in a Store

For example, if you are using a posts for products in a store and you want them not to be displayed on your blog page then you could exclude the product categories from your blog page using this box.

Install the Box

The first thing we’re going to do is install it. There are a couple of different versions of it but they’re quite similar. One version is for Thesis 2.0 and the other is for Thesis 2.1 (updated to 2.6.) We’re going to use the Thesis 2.1 version.

We’re going to come back over to the site that we’re working on and go to Boxes and Manage Boxes. Then upload the box, choose the file and it’s the Add the box and say okay to that. Come down and put a check box beside it and hit save boxes.

How to Exclude a Category

Once you do that, you’ll have a menu item here that says BYOB Exclude Categories From Posts Page. You can click on this and now all of the categories that you have on your posts page are available for you to check here.

For example, we’ve got cherries as a category here on our posts page. Let’s say that we don’t want those posts to show up on the blog page. So we come along here and choose cherries to not show. Save that and come on over and refresh our blog post page.

Now all the cherries have been removed from the posts page. If we wanted to do the same thing with apples, we can refresh it again and now all the apples are removed. So what this does is it excludes all the posts with these categories from being displayed on your main posts page. I hope you find it useful.

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