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BYOB Post Meta Fields Extended box for Thesis 2

The BYOB Post Meta Fields Extended box for Thesis 2 makes adding custom fields and custom post meta to your templates as easy as drag and drop! Use any method you want to add the post meta to your posts or pages and let this little tool make the rest of the task easier. This box will add any post meta to any post or page, it can add text, images, links and HTML. You can even use it to replace the old Multimedia box.

Plus the extended version (which this is) also parses shortcodes and allows you to create html before and after the field. Use it to add buy now buttons to product pages. Use it to create page specific header images. Stick post or page specific content anywhere you want on your templates. This little baby is the “Swiss Army Knife” of Thesis boxes. Seriously use it to create any number of additional content areas on any page or post.

BYOB Post Meta Fields Extended box for Thesis 2 from Rick Anderson on Vimeo.

With this box you can:

  • Add unlimited numbers of custom fields to your templates
  • Select the HTML wrapper that will surround the output
  • Assign a class to the HTML wrapper that will allow you to style the output
  • Create a block of HTML that will go before the output
  • Create a block of HTML that will go after the output
  • Add markup to your custom fields
  • Use video & audio embeds in your custom fields
  • Use shortcodes in your custom fields to add additional page specific functionality
  • Link the custom field to the post – useful for custom short titles
  • Drag and drop the custom fields anywhere in your template

To install the box Use the Upload Box button in the Select Boxes section of the Thesis admin menu.  Note this is a box and not a plugin.  It will not function properly if you try to install it as a plugin.

If you are a paid member of the site you can download this plugin from the link below.

Download the latest and greatest BYOB Post Meta Fields Extended box – Version 2.4.1

To download this box you must be a Premium Member.

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Video Transcript

This is an introduction to the BYOB Post Meta Fields Extended Box for Thesis 2. This gives you a great deal of control over how post meta that you may create can be inserted into your templates. You can use this box to really insert anything.

Ways to Use the Box

You could use it to insert shortcodes that you may have like “Buy Now” buttons shortcodes. You can use it to insert other kinds of custom post meta. The example we’re going to use here today is to include the name of the person who is giving the testimonial to include in our short excerpt.

Install the Box

This begins by downloading it, of course. Then we come over to the site that we’re going to install it on. Go to Manage Boxes, I’m going to upload the box, choose the file and choose the byob-post-meta-fields-extended box. Add that box, say okay, come down here and save it. Save the boxes.

Recommended Plugin for Adding Post Meta

In order to really take advantage of this, you actually need to have some post meta created and I think the easiest way to add post meta is especially a nice little entry dialog or something like that or inside of a nice meta box so you have decent data entry.

The best way to do that is to use some kind of a plugin and the plugin I happen to like for this, generally speaking, is the Types plugin. So we come over here to Plugins and Add New and we’re going to search for Types. This is a very powerful plugin, there’s lots of things you can do with it.

Example Use: Add Testimonial Details

We’re going to install Types, activate it and then what we’re going to do is create a custom field. Now, this is going to be for testimonial details and we’re going to display this only on testimonials.

Add Fields

We’re not going to worry about terms of the templates for this part and at the moment what we’re going to do is just add a single line field here. The name of that single line field will be a Person’s Name and then we’ll just say “Enter the name of the person who is giving the testimonial”.

Actually, let’s add another one. Let’s add a URL. Let’s say Person’s Website and “The website address of the person giving the testimonial”. Hit save. Now we can hit save again.

Add Details to Testimonials

Come over to our Testimonials and open them up. You’ll see that we’ve got this little edit form now down here at the bottom but we can drag this up. I’m just going to drag Testimonial Details up here below the Featured Image.

So Person’s Name is going to be Bryan Mckowski and his website address is I can update those and then I’ll show you this on one more of the testimonials here. So this person’s name is Angela Chan and her website address is Update that.

Include Fields in Testimonial Display

Now what we do is go to our Skin Editor and we’re going to include these fields into our testimonial displays. So we’ll come back over to our sidebar content and open up the BX Content Slider and the Feature Posts query box.

Then what we’re going to do is come over here and insert one of these Post Meta Fields Extended. Bring it and drop it into the query box. Drag it down to the bottom, that’s where we want it. And this is going to have a p tag, this will be the Testimonial Name and at the moment we’re not going to give it a class.

You can decide to include some HTML prior to the custom field contents. I’m going to give it a strong tag and then closing strong tag. If it includes a shortcode check that box otherwise don’t worry about it.

Now what we have to do is put the name of the post meta field that we want to display. We’re going to find that name in the testimonials. If we go down to the very bottom here, we have these custom fields and we have wpcf-persons-name, that’s the one that we’re doing at the moment.

Put that in there and say okay. Save our template and actually you’ll be able to see this in action now, there’s Angela’s name. So you can see what happens here. We could go ahead and add the other box. Let’s call it Testimonial Website and that’s wpcf-persons-website. We’ll give it a p tag also and save the template.

Now we have a nice little arrangement of their name and that kind of thing automatically added into these testimonials.

Really, you can do that with anything. You could just as easily have secondary content that you’re adding to a post that could be inserted this way. There are any number of things that you can insert into a post, into a query box, into some place in a template based on custom post meta. I hope you find that useful.

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