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BYOB Posts by ID Query Box For Thesis 2

Would you like to display more than one page in a Query Box? Would you like to combine pages and posts in a single Query Box? Well this little number is the answer to your prayers! In this query box you can specify any number and combination of posts, pages or custom post types by their post or page ID. Plus they will display in exactly the order that you enter the IDs. Now, if you want to set up a series of attention boxes for your pages you don’t need to create a bunch of query boxes. Now you can do it all with one. It’s a HUGE time saver!

Premium members of the site can download the Thesis 2 box from the link below.


  • Choose any number of posts, pages and custom post types to display
  • Include any combination of posts, pages and custom post types to display
  • Set the exact order in which they will display
  • Behaves exactly like any other Thesis 2 Query Box

Watch the video below to learn more about this Box.

Download BYOB Posts by ID Query Box version for Thesis 2.1

To download this box you must be a Premium Member.

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Installation Instructions:

Remember that this is a box, not a plugin, skin or package so it is installed and activated from the Thesis 2 Select Boxes menu.

  • Download the box from the link above. – Do not unzip the file.
  • Go to the Thesis >> Boxes >> Select Boxes menu
  • Use the upload box button to select and upload the box from your computer.
  • Once installed, place a check beside the box description and hit “Save Boxes”
  • In the skin editor place a BYOB Custom Excerpt box in the post box of the template
  • Adjust your setting
  • You are finished!  Now the content of that box will only display to users of the specified roles.

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