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BYOB Sort Posts By for Thesis 2

The BYOB Sort Posts By… for Thesis 2 box gives you control over the order in which your posts (and custom post types) are displayed.  If you’ve been frustrated by the fact that posts always display in the order of publish date it’s Ricky to the rescue! Now you can order posts alphabetically, or by last modified date, or by any other sorting scheme that WordPress allows.

The great news is that you can do this on a template by template basis for your home template and for any archive, taxonomy, or custom templates. The true geeks among us will appreciate the ability to even sort posts by custom field. Let’s say you have a custom field called “price” and you want to display your products in order of price, just set the template to display by custom field and then specify the custom field name. I’ve spent hundreds of hours writing code to do this kind of thing in Thesis 1 sites but now you can do it with a couple of clicks!


  • Adds a BYOB Sort Order options to the home, archives and custom templates
  • Will sort any post type and any taxonomy
  • Sort by post ID, title, comment count or slug
  • Sort by published date, last update date or random
  • Sort by post parent, menu order or custom field

To install the box Use the Upload Box button in the Select Boxes section of the Thesis admin menu.  Note this is a box and not a plugin.  It will not function properly if you try to install it as a plugin.

To use it simply open up a template’s options and click on the BYOB Sort Order tab. Choose your settings and away you go!

If you are a paid member of the site you can download this plugin from the link below.

Download the latest and greatest BYOB Sort Posts By box – Version 1.0.0

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