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BYOB WP eStore Product Elements

Do you love WP eStore because of its simplicity and reliability but hate it because it is difficult to customize the appearance of the store? Then you are in LUCK!  The new BYOB WP eStore Product Elements box brings the power of Thesis 2 to WP eStore. With this box you can easily insert various product elements into your templates, like price and buy-now buttons. Sure you could always insert that stuff into a specific post or page but now you aren’t limited to placing the information in the content area of a post or page.

The BYOB WP eStore Product Elements box allows you specify a product id on any post, page or custom post type and then use the Thesis 2 template system to insert aspects of a product into the template. The box then reads the product id and when the page is generated it takes the information from that specific product. This gives you complete control over the display of product pages and product archive pages.

Videos demonstrating how to use the system are coming soon

This box has 2 main configuration options.  It can either place one of the WP eStore “fancy” display boxes in the template or it can display various product elements in the template.

If you are displaying a “fancy” display box you can specify:

  • The fancy display style (styles 1-13)
  • The button type (Buy Now, Add to Cart or Subscribe)

If you are displaying a product element you can choose between:

  • Buy Now button
  • Add to Cart button
  • Subscribe button
  • Price
  • Old Price
  • Description
  • Sales count
  • Available copies

Paid members can download this box from the link below.  The latest version of the BYOB WP eStore Product Elements box is 2.1

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