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3 Important SEO Steps a New Website Should Take

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So you have your keywords, your content and you’re building a new website. What 3 things should you make sure that you do in order to make sure that your site get’s ranked for those keywords or phrases? To answer this member’s question I discuss semantic, keyword based site organization, proper placement of keywords using Thesis SEO options and internal linking strategies.

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Video Transcript

If let’s say you’re starting a brand new site and you have a keyword picked out and your niche picked out, what would be like the 3 or 4 things that you would do immediately to get your website running properly?

Well, would you have your content?

Yeah.  Basically the content is written.

So if it’s possible or if it makes sense, I would take the keywords and think about the organizational hierarchy of those keywords.  And so is one keyword logically a subset of another keyword?  If you string them together, can you make what seems like a English sentence?  So just like this – video tutorials start building your website here lesson 1.  Like that, it reads like a sentence.  That’s what Google means by a semantic URL.  It’s a URL that somebody can look at and tell what’s going on.  So that’s the first thing I would do – think about organizational structure for the content.  Because maybe you have a couple of main pages and then you have subpages under that.  Each of those addressing a certain version of those keywords.  That’s thing number 1.
Thing number 2 is you need to make sure those keywords end up in the title and in the meta description.  And in the title, those need to show up closer to the front than farther away.  And those keywords probably need to show up inside of your URL because the URL is also one of those SEO elements.  I would do is make sure those keywords show up in the URL, in the Title tag, and in the meta description.  And then I would do some internal linking.  I would have a link from one place in your site with those keywords to another relevant page on your site so that not only do you have your keywords in your page but those keywords also end up being links to another page.

But on your page… on the page itself?  On the same website?

Right.  Linking to somebody else’s page won’t do you any good.  Them linking to you does you good but you linking to them doesn’t really provide you any benefit.  So linking to yourself, linking inside of your site, that helps you because it gives Google a path to search your site and also, Google assumes that a text link is meaningful.  And so, if there are keywords in that text link to another page in the site, then that means that another page has something to do with those keywords.  The next version of WordPress that’s in beta version right now has this cool internal linking feature that you can figure out… you can enter your keywords and it will tell you what pages have those keywords in them and then you can use that internal structure for creating those links.  It really saves a lot of time for developing that.

Oh okay, I see.  Okay, well, are you going to be going through any SEO Marketing or SEO techniques on your videos.

Well, on the 15th (I haven’t had the chance to write this up or post this yet) we are going to start having webinars every week on different subjects. Those webinars will consistently have other outside experts come in talk about their areas of expertise so on the 15th we are starting the SEO 1. And we’ll have that SEO 1 is going to have 3 segments and we will be going every other Wednesday so it’s essentially across a 6 week period with SEO in December and in January.  And then the ones that fall in between those are going to be on site design.  I have an artist who is going to discuss the aesthetics of a website design, taking colors and taking about the shapes, organization of the site from an aesthetic standpoint.

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