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A Brief Summary of How to Convert an Existing 1.85 Site to 2.0

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In this session we give a brief summary of how to convert an existing 1.8.5 site to 2.0. We demonstrate how to install Thesis, install a theme, select an active skin, import skin data and save the template in HTML and CSS to get the framework which we can use to start making adjustments.

Video Transcript

Rick:  Okay, let’s see. Who else started off with questions today? Good morning, John. I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

John:  Hi there, how are you?

Rick:  I’m doing well, how are you?

John:  Good. Yeah, it’s getting dark outside where I am now so..

Rick:  It’s getting light where I am. No, no. I guess it’s been light for a couple of hours.

John:  Good for you. Yeah so I’m sort of towards in to the other end of the day. Yeah so I thought it would be great just to check in because I’m… just to rehearse the steps. I’m moving from… I’ve got a site which is in development on 1.85 and we’ve decided, the recommendation is to put it into 2.0. So I just was… briefly, just the steps are… that I upload Thesis 2 into my WordPress page as it were. And you sent me a little bit of text… well, it’s a text file and I was… I thought that we were doing that a little bit earlier where you were copying a text file.

Rick:  Yeah.

John:  I just wanted to… maybe you could just point out to me just again where I would put that. So having…

Rick:  Well, the first thing to do is install Thesis and you’re going to install Thesis using the WordPress… you know, Appearance Themes section and it’s install themes and then upload. And then choose the Thesis zip file that you got you know, from DIY Themes.

John:  Right, okay. And that… I pull that from my own computer, right?

Rick:  That’s right. Now if it’s been a few days since you got a fresh one, go get a fresh one from DIY Themes.

John:  Right, okay.

Rick:  Okay and then once you install that… I mean, that’s just ordinary theme installation process. Once you install that…

John:  Okay so that’s easy.

Rick:  You go ahead and activate it. And then once it’s activated then you’ll want to come over here to Thesis and skins and select skin. And just to make sure that the Thesis classic skin has been installed… I mean, is the active skin I mean.

John:  Right okay.

Rick:  So once it’s the active skin, you then go over to the skin editor and go to the manager and click import skin data. And then you can import that file that I sent you.

John:  Okay so I look for that on my… yeah, I’ll save it somewhere I can find it and then just put it across in the…

Rick:  Yeah you just choose that file at that point and at that point, it’s the text file. It’s not a zip file. But just import that and then you’ll want to go over to HTML and save the template, css and save the template and then you should be good to go.

John:  Oh fun, okay. Well, that’s brilliant. I’ll do that. And then that gives me the framework which I can then start making the adjustments to make it sort of how I want it to look.

Rick:  Exactly.

John:  And will it… what about the widgets and things that I’ve got in the sidebars? Most of them are just HTML, I think, widgets. Are they still…

Rick:  They will be shifted to a section called inactive sidebars. And so down here under Appearance and Widgets… here in fact, you can see examples right here, inactive sidebar not used, right? It’ll be shifted to these locations like this and then the sidebar that you have will be over here and you can just drag them up where you want them. But they will work exactly the way…

John:  Okay, just put them across. Okay, no different. Okay.

Rick:  Right.

John:  Yeah okay. Excellent. That doesn’t sound too hard.

Rick:  No. It should be pretty simple.

John:  You make it sound easy.

Rick:  Well you know, as soon as I’m finished my starter skin, I will demonstrate how to convert you know, an existing site to Thesis. But that’s probably not going to be for another week or so.

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