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A Discussion About Landing Pages

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In this session we explain what a Landing Page is. Landing Pages are designed to get somebody to do something specific such as signing up a class, buying a product or service, or getting free content. In return for this product or service, you capture their email address. We also share an article that describes a perfect landing page.

Video Transcript

Now you can incorporate that into a landing page.


A landing page is a page that is designed to get somebody to do something. So it’s not like a blog post page or a regular page or something like that. Now on Marty’s site, this is specifically designed to get people to sign up here. And so we only talk about stuff associated with signing up and we give a couple of places to sign up. One at the sidebar, one at the bottom… this doesn’t talk a lot about Marty and this doesn’t you know, give her philosophy or anything like that at all. This has to do with is you know, if this story resonates with you then you might get benefit out of her videos so sign up. And this is a landing page that is… well, it’s essentially designed to do that, to capture the email. We actually have one other kind of landing page here. Just a second. You can’t get to it though from here because it’s not on the surface.

And so let’s see, go down to pages and this is another kind of landing page where she’s got a little video talking about who she is and what she’s going to do here. It talks ever so briefly about her Step 1 and again, it’s got another sign up form. It’s got a little bit more description about her Step 1 stuff and another sign up form and this all you know, directed specifically at somebody searching for her services, finding this landing page and being encouraged to do the one thing which is fill out this thing and sign up. And that’s really… what’s that?

Oh how viable is that? Basically, the person has to find it through a search engine so it’s got to be… like I was looking for like the…

Transforming negative beliefs, for example or business success.

Yeah, that’s how I… and I would have to try and find that on… I mean, it’s more likely that if I were to do a volunteering at a sloth sanctuary, how many sloth sanctuaries are there in Costa Rica that offer a volunteer? You know, I would find that on a Google Search faster than I would about you know, so a landing page might be easy for Search Engine Optimization. But I don’t understand how, from her point of view, that a landing page wuld be found through google.

Well, she believes that she knows what her customers are searching for when they look for her. And so we have 5 landing pages, each one of them focused on the keywords that she believes that people are using to search. And so those keywords are all through this landing page and…

I’m just wondering, if she ends up on the 10th page, is she losing her customers? I mean, that’s you know… I mean, I know tha thas nothing do with your teaching but I just… the strategy of it, doesn’t… isn’t clear to me. If there’s any amount of competition, even if she knows what her keywords are and she knows who her customers are, does she reach in them that way?

She thinks she is, yeah.

Okay. And only she knows? You know, she gets one a year or she gets 50 a day you know, she’s the only one that’s going to be able to gauge her success in this type of strategy.

Right. Her success with this piece of strategy, right? This piece of strategy is all about having a page specifically related to her what she believes are the right keywords for you know, one kind of search. People who come to her blog are never going to see that page. People who come to her blog are going to see this. They may come over to her homepage and they may look around er site but they are never going to see that. So what she’s trying to do is capture different people from differnet directions. Now to be sure, she’s not going to really know which of these pages people sign up from.


But nevertheless, she gets plenty of sign ups and it’s two different kinds of landing pages. Now the reason why I showed you that was because I have an old reference on my Facebook page to an article that talks about that concept very nicely. And so I want to point you to that or at least give you a link to that article because you know, it wasn’t even that long ago but now that we’re posting all the time… here it is. Okay, the Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page, there we go.

So it’s and the Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page and this shows you the concept that underlies the 2nd kind of landing page that she has. So I mean, this is definitely worth looking at as you start… as you think about a landing page that gets people to give you their email address. So I’m going to put this in the chat window and you can you know, click on the chat window and it’ll take yourself to that article. But this is an excellent article, well-written, very clear on how to approach it and it’s a great place to start when you’re thinking about the landing page which is, as I said, not the same thing as your opt-in. They coincide with each other. The landing page has an opt-in form in it but the whole opt-in process is what you really asked me about and that opt-in process is…

Yeah, I didn’t realize that.

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