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A Discussion of Page Width and Column Width

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This member is concerned that her 2 column page layout doesn’t look right. We measure her page and discuss the various settings.

Video Transcript

So hit me with a question.

Well, I think I already sent this to you without the sidebar. This is probably going to be hopefully a short answer for you but excuse me…

Is it this question right here? This one? Oh no, this is the nav menu question.

Oh I figured that out because I watched your videos. That’s why I love you so much.

Okay, perfect.

My husband’s getting jealous. Just kidding.

So is my wife. She talks about my girlfriend so… okay so anyway, sidebar question.

Yeah, I changed the column width and then when I did that, it just doesn’t look right to me over at You were going to put me on the stand, weren’t you?

I was. Okay so you changed the sidebar width and now that you’ve changed the sidebar width, you don’t like the fact that you’ve got this much space on this side, this list.

Right. Even before we addressed that and when I’m looking at it on your screen, it looks like there’s too much room between the end of the template and the end of the screen. Or is that just because we’re in GoTo meeting? Do you know what I’m saying? Doesn’t look like the template’s wide enough. It’s too small.

Well, it looks like a normal width. Let’s just see how wide it is. Just a second here, open up Firefox and ask ourselves that question. Let’s see, I mean, it’s fairly easy to change the width but your width is 942 pixels. You know, I usually shoot for 960-980. So you could you know, you could easily add 40 pixels of width to one of your 2 columns and you would be fine except that your image here… I’m guessing that your image here is 960 pixels wide. And so there might be a little issue with that.

Which image? Which image?

I’m talking about your header image, yeah… this image right here.

Well, I’ll have to go back and check but I did it after I took one of your videos and I went in and I changed my settings to reflect what your recommendations were.

My recommendations… you know, my recommendations are just my own personal opinion. In that regard, I mean, it’s not like it’s the best practice or anything. What I would suggest is… I mean, what I usually do is 600 and 300, right? That’s my typical thing. I don’t think you did here though because you’re smaller than you would be with 600 by 300.

Okay, I’ll have to go back in and check that.

But having said that, regardless of that, as long as you’re happy… I mean, I usually figure out what I want my sidebar width to be and then let the body width be what the body width is.

Right but I wanted a nice… because I always… especially since I’m in real estate, I want a nice picture in there in that rotator. Well, not the rotator…

This right here?


Yeah. That looks like the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge in the background, here in Seattle.

That is the great Tappan Zee Bridge which spans between Rockland County and Westchester County… New York City.

Does it float?

What? No.

Oh okay. Anyway, so… okay so you’re concerned about the… I mean, I think 300 probably works just fine. What did you use?

I’m checking it right now.

Actually, it looks like the width of that is 316 pixels.

I’ll tell you in a sec. Okay, that’s under Design Options, I think.

Yeah, Design Options and then Settings.


Let’s see.

That’s where I am.


It says 560 by 320.

Yeah, I usually do 600 by 300. It is true that I do occasionally… on my site, that might be what I have actually on my site. But that’s only because I started a long time ago that way and I just don’t want to change. Too much stuff is dependent on it but…

So refresh your page, I just changed my column settings. Let’s see if I like that better.

Okay, I don’t think it changed anything on that.


Chrome. No, there you go. Okay.

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