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A Member Discusses How She Organized Her Ecommerce Website

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Jackie Jacobson has successfully created her own Ecommerce website using WordPress, Thesis and WP eStore. Jackie describes how her site is organized and what her customers say about shopping on her site.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay so let’s see, next we’re going to talk to Jackie. Good morning, Jackie.

Jackie: Good morning. Can you hear me?

Rick: I can hear you perfectly.

Jackie: Perfect, okay.

Rick: So you have 2 questions?

Jackie: I raised my hand because I forgot the lady’s name, who’s the jeweler?

Rick: Yeah, Patricia.

Jackie: Patricia. I wanted to give a little input on customer feedback which to me, is really who we’re trying to talk to when we have a store and a blog. And so, my customers constantly tell me how easy my website is to use and the reason it’s easy for them to use is I focus in their opinion. I focus on my products. So my homepage is like you know, a page to come in and see all the different things that I do but the navigation menu is really what they enjoy using and being able to go to the specific product categories that they’re interested in using. And now, what I’m doing with the blog which you helped me separate product posts from… oh, other posts. I forgot what we called that but…

Rick: Yeah, regular posts.

Jackie: I am now sending out once a week the 5 posts that I do on my blog posts and I’m sending those out through AWeber as a blog broadcast and people are enjoying that because they don’t have to… they’re not focused on me for a blog. They’re focused on me for a store. I just wanted to give that kind of input about that part of it.

Rick: Well and so, when you use your navigation obviously, it takes you directly to those products that are under that list.

Jackie: Correct and each one…

Rick: And each one takes you to the post.

Jackie: No, each one.. yeah, each one takes you to what I call a subcategory or you know, where like if it were jewelry and framed art under the subkey, the category jewelry which my tile and glass art are all these subcategories which would be bracelets and earrings and so forth. And then under the next product category for me which is art prints then I have different subcategories for those also, framed and unframed. So that each… and that’s what you’ve taught me is how to put the products first into their… in the hierarchy of the category hierarchy and then under them, their children. And that’s how I’ve set it up and most of all, it’s important to know what the people who have to use it to buy feel and those people feel this is really easy.

Rick: Yeah and I… I mean, I think it’s a very well designed site. I think it’s very easy to find your way around it too and so…

Jackie: Now the homepage could be a little confusing because the homepage, I put a lot on. But just… that’s also because in studying SEO, I found out that the more you have on the homepage, the more indexed by Google and my ratings have gone way up and on every page that you know, every subcategory I am like in 525 pages of my website are indexed by Google. So I also put a focus on SEO standings and that’s what the homepage is. I am going to ultimately in all the sub… on the canvass art and all those other than the directory, the catalog page for canvass art which then takes you to all the other subdivisions, I’m taking away the sidebars. So then I’m using it more like a landing page then the place where my sidebars are now going to show will be on my blog post and on my homepage. And everything else will be more like a landing page. So I wanted to put some of that feedback in to just you know, help with the ideas for people. Now I know that you’ve got newer ways of showing than the way that I set this up which is like almost a year ago. But at this point, I don’t know that it pays to make any changes because…

Rick: I don’t think it does pay. No, I don’t think it does pay because I mean, in the same way that my site could benefit from custom post types for videos. You know, when I created my site, there wasn’t that custom post types weren’t available. And so you know, I used my videos are also posts. And I just have to let it be that way now because even though I might do it differently today than I did it when I started, there’s no value in changing because what really matters is if users can find what they’re looking for. So…

Jackie: Okay now what was helpful was when you helped me with the difference on my blog between product posts and article posts and we separated that…. you gave me something to… I’m not technically a student but I’m artistically okay. So I just… I know that that has helped a lot because now, what shows up on my blog are only articles that I’ve written. Not all of the product posts that you had done for me so it’s working perfectly.

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