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A page appears to shift when I switch pages in Firefox

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We try out a couple of methods to see why one of the pages seems to shift including using the measure tool in Firefox to compare the sizes of the pages.  Finally, it appeared that it has something to do with the time code embedded in the page next to the calendar.  So to fix the problem, Venu needs to explore the code around that element.

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Video Transcript

When I try to switch between menu tabs from home to calendar, the page slightly shifts toward the left in Firefox. Is there something wrong with the coding?

So here we are, we go to home to calendar. You know, what I bet that is it’s probably the size of the page. You know, if you are looking at this wide, oh no. You know, oh I’m not looking at it in Firefox. That was in Chrome and calendar.Actually it doesn’t matter.

I think it’s the presence of the calendar and my guess is the overall width of this from this side to that side is wider than is elsewhere. So let’s just measure that for a moment. I’m going to grab my little measuring tool here. And we’ll just pick this up so right here, it’s about 957… 958 pixels something like that and then if we go to Home and we look at the same thing… you know what, that’s not it. Well it’s 956 so it might be a tad bit and that might be something… but otherwise…

I think it has to do with the Google calendar insertion and I don’t think there’s anything that you can do about that. Well what’s interesting here is that the…let’s see if it does that to me when I’ve got this stuff. Actually it’s got to be this right here rather – because what’s happening is the entire page is refreshing. When you come over here – which means that this flashes which it generally won’t do as long as it’s serving up the same information. And so I think that because you’ve got the little time code here telling you the difference in time between India and Houston, which is a handy little tool, I think that actually has something to do with it. So that’s where I would explore.

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