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A Strategy for Creating Multiple Sites With Similar Structure

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In this session, we discuss how you can create multiple sites with similar structure very quickly by using the BackupBuddy Plugin.

Video Transcript

Rick:  Good morning, Ken. How are you doing?

Ken:  Great, Rick. How are you doing?

Rick:  I’m doing terrific. So you want to create a new site.

Ken:  Correct.

Rick:  And how similar is it?

Ken:  It can be very… for me, I’m going to make it very similar just so I can get it up and out there.

Rick:  Yeah so that’s a…

Ken:  Well, I’ll change the… the structure of it will be very similar and then I’ll just… I’ll put new content in it. But it sounds like with that BackupBuddy that you can… all of the plugins or picked up…

Rick:  Yeah you know, once upon a time, I thought about sort of mass creating inexpensive sites for people using WordPress and BackupBuddy was the perfect tool then. Because what you could do is you could create a dummy site that is you know, has home, about, contact, portfolio blah blah blah whatever. You know, you’ve got the plugins in there already installed and activated and configured.

You have you know, a theme already installed and configured and somebody pays you a couple hundred bucks or $500 or whatever to rev their site up. And in 15 minutes, you just placed the already created clone or template of a website on theirs. And maybe you know, all the functionality is there and you just need to flush it out. It’s really very, very simple to do. And every single one of my tutorial sites that I do when I’m creating a tutorial, every single one of those is a clone of the week before. So if I’m on Week 10 you know, I clone Week 9 to create Week 10 and so on and so forth.

Ken:  Is that like a plugin that goes on to the original site? Is that…

Rick:  It is a plugin that goes on to the original site.

Ken:  Because I actually stored to watch one of your videos and I thought, “Well heck, that seemed pretty easy.”

Rick:  Yeah. BackupBuddy is the plugin on the site. I don’t actually use it for backing up my site. I use VaultPress for backing up my site and I spend $40 a month to have VaultPress you know, constantly backing my site up. So I have… my site gets backed up incrementally every few minutes and it’s very easy for me to go back in and restore a failure from VaultPress. And so I don’t actually use BackupBuddy to back my site up.

But having said that, I do use BackupBuddy to clone my site when I want to work on it. So I’ll take a clone of the site and then I’ll install it on my local server then make the changes that I want to make and futz around with it until I get it the way I want and then make the changes on the main server. So that’s what I use it for on this site in particular but for all the rest of the sites, I use it for backing up and for restoring and everything else.

Ken:  You don’t have to go through the same process you went through getting this baby site up?

Rick:  Well, no. I went through that process because we couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Ken:  Yeah, okay.

Rick:  That was it. It was an inexplicable error that nobody could figure out. I mean, if you’re probably here last week where I spent about 40 minutes working, trying to find the solution. And I couldn’t find the solution and so then I posted on DIY Themes forums and we did a little you know, problem solving amongst us on DIY Themes and we have absolutely no idea what’s causing that problem. The only thing we can think of is recreate it and that’s what we did today. I’ve only had to do that a couple of times, recreate a site you know, essentially from scratch and then blend back in the original customization files.

You can usually find the problem a little easy on that or if you can restore a backup and get past it. But that didn’t work here because there was too much in the database to go back to a backup that we knew was good. So there wasn’t a good enough, more recent enough backup to make it worth using. But that’s not typical and you don’t have to do anything like that with PluginBuddy or BackupBuddy. Just… once you watch it, you’ll see how fast and easy it is.

Ken:  It seemed like I could understand it. I did start the video and I thought, “Well heck, this may be pretty easy to that duplication.” So I’m going to give it a try.

Rick:  You know, there are other systems out there that reportedly are cheaper. And one of our members, a really great guy, has been touting one of those except that he invariably has these problems when he transfers a site. And it’s got to be because he’s using this cheap knock-off plugin. Because I have literally done this a hundred times and never had a problem with a migration and he seems to have these migration issues regularly when he uses… even though his plugin cost him half what PluginBuddy costs or BackupBuddy costs. So, I don’t know. BackupBuddy seems to be bullet-proof. I love it.

Ken:  Thank you.

Rick:  You’re welcome.

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