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A Substitute for the Multimedia Box in Thesis 2

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In this session we talk about a substitute for the Thesis 1.x multimedia box in Thesis 2. We suggest adding images to a slideshow like the Meteor Slideshow and dragging the slideshow widget to the sidebar to display or wherever you want it displayed.  We also  discuss using the Orbit Slider and using the box to position the images anywhere.

Video Transcript

Member: The other question I have is, do you remember before they had this 2.0, they used to have a big multimedia box that would had a rotating image?

Rick: Yes.

Member: And it’s not in Thesis 2.0 but I never used it with previously but I kind of like that back, I kind of like the idea of the big box that rotates. I got a little NextGen Gallery on one of mine but it’s tiny and it’s off to the side, I’d like something a little more showcasey so how do I get that back?

Rick: Well, you can’t get that back specifically but what you’d use is a different slide show. For example, you could use the Meteor Slideshow. You know, I’ve got plenty of videos on the site on how to use the Meteor Slideshow and I would just use that instead. Put your images into your Meteor Slideshow and then drag the slideshow widget to your sidebar and it’ll display there.

Member: But I kind of like the way they had the multimedia box, not in the sidebar but just sort of up to the right of the page, you know what I mean? It just sort of was there, but not like this thing on the sidebar.

Rick: But you can reposition your sidebar that way though, right or well, you can also use my Orbit Slider box. You know, I’ve got this under Member Benefits, Plugins, Boxes and Packages for Thesis Theme 2.0 is the, where to go, boxes. The Orbit Slider Helper Box, you could use that as well and you know, install Orbit Slider and then use this box to position it where you may want it. The net result is not going to be much different than putting it in the sidebar but that’s going to be the simpler solution. I mean well in fact, that’s really the only real solution to what you’re describing, is using some kind of a slider plugin and either putting it inside of the sidebar or putting it someplace else on the site.

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