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A Suggestion for Adding Shopp Products to Google Merchant Center

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In this session we discuss a suggestion for adding Shopp products to Google Merchant Center. The merchant center gives you the ability to tie all of your Google products together around products. To do this you need to supply Google with the list of products in a form that it wants. We suggest the use of Shopp Toolbox Plugin that sets up the relationship between the website and Google and allows products to get automatically uploaded to Google.

Video Transcript

Member:  So the 2nd one was an assumption which may or may not be right was how do you get… you know, in Google Shopping to show up in the shopping… or have the potential to show up in the Shopp results? And the research I did said you got to upload like I said a database… you have to upload something to this Google Merchant Center or Google Base is what’s it’s called.

Rick:  Yeah. It used to be Google Base. Now it’s Google Merchant Center.

Member:  So my question is the presumption that it’s extremely important or if you’re selling women’s clothes to get that database writer if there is a format writer you know, I mean, I just screwed up what you just saw here and I don’t know how I did it. I want to see if there’s a right way to upload it or tutorial on that on how to upload the whole products to that. Do I have to do more than what we just did with the site map?

Rick:  They’re not related in any way.

Member:  Okay.

Rick:  The Google Base or Google Merchant Center gives you the ability to tie all of your Google products together around products. So for example you know, if you’re using Adwords to advertise a specific product, you can tie your Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to that and that can be tied into the product listing itself. Then if you have an actual Google store you can… that’s how you would list your stuff on an actual Google store. So the way in which you make this work for your products is to supply Google with a list of your products in the format that they want, right? Now you can do it manually which is I think what you were looking at. But you know, what I would do is I would try to do it automatically first. And the way you would do it automatically is you go buy a plugin.

So I’m going to switch presenters here. I’m going to become a presenter.

Member:  And just to wrap the last piece too, you said there’s a plugin to marry Shopp to XML? Is that another plugin I still need to do?

Rick:  Actually, no, because you’ve just got it. It’s there already.

Member:  I just did it, okay fine. That’s why I wanted to…

Rick:  The latest version of Google XML… I mean, I wasn’t absolutely sure it would work but it did work.

Member:  Okay.

Rick:  So you don’t need to do anything else necessarily. This Shopp Toolbox plugin… now, I’ve never used this but it looks like… I mean, it’s written by a guy who’s very active on the Shopp forum.

Member:  What website are you at?

Rick: but you could probably search for Shopp Toolbox as well. He’s got this plugin… let’s see, I’m looking at the wrong spot at the moment. You got a series of plugins that let’s you do a whole bunch of different things and he sells them all in one fell swoop. So you can add Facebook like to each individual product. He’s got the Google XML sitemaps integration. Now whether or not that adds any additional functionality, I don’t know. But he’s got a Google Merchant integration which… essentially, all you have to do is enter you Google Merchant account information and it will automatically upload your products to Google. What it does is it sets up this relationship between your website and Google so that Google can pull it on a regular basis just to see whether anything new has shown up. And if something new has shown up or if something has changed, it grabs the changed stuff.

Member:  Awesome. How much is that thing?

Rick:  $39.

Member:  Okay, it’s bought.

Rick:  Yeah and that’s what it seems like to me too, right? Because otherwise, what you do is you have to maintain this manually.

Member:  Right. Which I don’t want here.

Rick:  Which with this, when you change the price, the price will get changed. When you change an image, the image will get changed. You know, it handles that stuff for you. So it seems to me like $39 is a pretty good price for that and he also provides support for it, for that $39. So I think you’ve got other things like you know, if you’re a social media person then you could add Pinterest to it. You can add product ratings directly to the products rather than using what I have been planning on talking about which is you know, using a post rating system for it. And it’s got this little you know, the billing would just send out an automatic email at some later date to people. So if you want them to tell you how the order went or something like that, you can set up…

Member:  That thing’s awesome.

Rick:  So it just seems like it’s got a lot of nice little functions that you can add. Now, I’ve not used it but I’m also going to buy it and test some stuff and I’ll do some videos on it because I think it probably does add functionality that is very useful.

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