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How to Add Analytics Tracking Scripts to Genesis 2.1

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In this session we talk about where the best place is to add analytics tracking scripts to a Genesis 2.1 site. The site has the Yoast SEO plugin installed. We talk about why we recommend adding the scripts inside the head of Genesis itself as long as Yoast is not doing it because it shouldn’t be done twice.

Video Transcript

Rick: Carol Benjamin. Hey Carol I just unmuted your microphone.

Carol: Hi Rick. I’m working on a site that I didn’t make and it’s a Genesis site. It never had the tracking scripts put in or Google and Bing.

Rick: Yes.

Carol: It’s already got Yoast on the site and Yoast has got the Webmaster tool area where it looks like you could put those but would it be as a best practice, would it be better to go ahead and include it, those scripts in Genesis itself or you can add the header scripts or put them onto the Yoast area?

Rick: I would just put them in the Genesis header scripts.

Carol: Okay.

Rick: As long as Yoast isn’t doing it also. You don’t want it twice.

Carol: Nothing’s been done to the site to do anything about setting it up with Google or Bing at this point.

Rick: The Yoast thing, those are site verification things rather than say I mean you can use the head scripts for site verification but the actual Bing analytic script or Google analytic script, those should be placed inside the head using the Genesis theme tracking scripts.

Carol: Okay. I’m just you know, I’ve done the thing in Thesis and this is kind of my first enter into Genesis so I’ve put my work through best practices and whatever on it so thank you.

Rick: You bet.

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