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How to Add a Menu to Thesis 2.0

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In this session we demonstrate how to add a menu to Thesis 2.0. We create a new menu using the WordPress menu system in Appearance and Menus. Then we show how to choose this menu for the template being used in the Thesis 2.0 skin editor.

Video Transcript

Member: Yeah, I had a simple question, Rick. My site, which I have built in 1.8.5 which I just wanted to bring it up and… so I had the theme of two and I just got the homepage. I didn’t get anything else. I know it’s not yet perfect, the site, by any stretch of imagination but I was wanting to bring it up to… like on to Thesis 2.

Rick: Well, why don’t you go activate Thesis 2 right now?

Member: Okay so…

Rick: I’m going to make you the presenter so we can watch over your shoulder here.

Member: When ready, show my screen… okay. Right, so if I go to Appearance and Themes and available themes is… so that’s what I want to activate, yeah?

Rick: Yeah.

Member: So activate and that visit site.

Rick: Well, go to Thesis first, actually.

Member: Sorry, go to…

Rick: Go back to your dashboard.

Member: Yeah and go to Thesis, yeah?

Rick: Yeah. Now it looked to me like you were using the Thesis nav menu on jillybunting so you will need to create a menu in WordPress for this. Maybe we should do that first actually. Go to Appearance and Menus there.

Member: Yeah.

Rick: Okay, I’ve lost you here, hang on. Okay, here we go. So well you’ve got a menu that you’ve called Home and About so add some pages to that down below. Just click… yeah, homepage, what can I do and jillybunting. Try out those, add to menu, save the menu.

Member: Save the menu? Where is save?

Rick: Far right hand side, big blue button.

Member: On the left?

Rick: On the right. No, on the right. It says save menu.

Member: Alright, okay. Yeah.

Rick: Thesis 2 doesn’t have theme locations so you’re going to create… you’re just going to now go back to the… click on Thesis and go to the skin editor.

Member: Yeah.

Rick: Okay, see the blue thing that says nav menu there? Click on that little gear, click the gear and then choose your menu.

Member: So Home and About?

Rick: Yeah. Go ahead and close it. Save the template and then right click on view your site and open it in a new tab so we can step back and forth. But I think you’re going to find it’s been upgraded.

Member: Well done then, man.

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