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Add On Domains and Subdomains at Bluehost

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This member wonders if she has properly configured her addon domains and subdomains at Bluehost.  We look at at the configuration of both her subdomains and addon domains in cPanel.

Video Transcript

Rick: So obviously, you have a question that came out of this morning’s session about subdomains.

Angela: Yup.

Rick: Why don’t you tell me about that question?

Angela: Oh boy. Let’s see I can see this thing here. So, I’m trying to remember how I posted… oh thanks.

Rick: Well, what you said was, “Should I have made… 2 subdomains add on domains instead?”

Angela: Right. In other words, is that set up correctly… initially… I think when I initially went into Bluehost, I went in with Rockland County Real Estate then I added Angela Chan and then I added R Hamlet.

Rick: So does Angela Chan work just fine?

Angela: Yeah and see, Angela Chan is for my CD and so I don’t really want to have my professional… I don’t want to have my real estate site in any way linking over to Angela Chan. So I set that up separately.

Rick: It’s really interesting. So there must be… you must also though have a domain pointer for Angela Chan that points to this location here, this… you know, I keep forgetting I’ve got this little pen I have. This thing right here, right?

Angela: Yup.

Rick: Somehow, Angela Chan is being routed to that and…

That’s not right.

Rick: Well, I don’t know if it’s not right or not but it is what’s happening. If we do AngelaChan.rockland… would you spell that for me?

Angela: Rockland.

Rick: Yeah, Rockland Real Estate?

Angela: Yeah. Rockland County Real Estate.

Rick: Oh I see, okay. Well, I was just wondering whether or not it behaves like a subdomain. You know, I would have said that should be a domain and should be a separate domain.

Angela: And they are. I mean, I own the domain names.

Rick: Well, if you own the domain names then…

Angela: You see how much I need you, Rick?

Rick: Yeah. Who do you pay for those domain names?

Angela: I initially set them up with GoDaddy.

Rick: So you pay GoDaddy for and

Angela: Correct.

Rick: And so it’s actually GoDaddy there must be pointers that point to here.

Angela: I would think so. I’d have to go in and look at it.

Rick: The way I would do this is I would… you could probably just ignore the subdomains entirely and I would create addon domains inside of Bluehost for and And you would point those to this folder, and and then you would just ignore the subdomains because right now, they’re not behaving like subdomains.

Angela: Can you look at it? I’ve got it up on my… I’ve got Bluehost up on my monitor right now.

Rick: Sure, just a second here. Let’s see, there you go. I’m going to make you the presenter. You know, unfortunately, I’m not an expert on GoDaddy and as you may or may not know,it does things quite a bit differently so I wouldn’t necessary recognize the right GoDaddy answer. But I’m looking at your site… I mean, I’m looking at your monitor now.

Angela: Okay so where is that Bluehost thing? I may have closed it. Oh Rick, I think I might have…

Rick: Do it again, that’s fine.

Angela: Okay so I initially… let’s see. I think when I initially set Bluehost up, I set up with Rockland County Real Estate and I wanted angelachan to be the parent but nevertheless…

Rick: There is no such thing as parent in this situation so just…

Angela: Primary domain, maybe?

Rick: Yeah., that is your primary domain and it doesn’t matter. Go to, not registered domain but go to Domain Manager.

Angela: Alright, there they are.

Rick: Okay, you already have them as addon domains, it’s already done.

Angela: Right. That’s why I wanted to look at it.

Rick: Oh okay. Well, you have it set up correctly.

Angela: I do.

Rick: The subdomains are an odd abnormality that you can get rid of but you already have 2 addon domains created, angelachan and And I presume, if you click on one… go ahead and select one of them. And so, if we look at the… okay, so the registrar is GoDaddy and it’s at GoDaddy obviously that you have pointed to the Bluehost NS1 and NS2 name servers.

Angela: Right.

Rick: And it’s set up just fine. It’s not a subdomain though. These are not subdomains. These are addon domains and they are what I called in the presentation this morning, hosting domains. That is they are domains that you…where the registrar is elsewhere but you are hosting at this account.

Angela: Right, I understand that.

Rick: That’s what Bluehost is and actually, more to the point, C panel calls that an addon domain as well. So if you were right here and you said… okay, your primary one is… let’s just say you wanted to create a new addon domain, If you created that new domain here, it would also be an addon domain. You only have 1 primary domain. You happen to have 2 addon domains that you’re not spending any money on it on Bluehost but you’re paying for at GoDaddy and that GoDaddy is pointed to this hosting account.

Angela: Okay so then is not subdomain. It’s its own domain. I don’t know why I’m thinking that it is. I think I saw something somewhere that made me think, that’s one.

Rick: If you go back to subdomains, if you go back to C panel and look at subdomains…

Angela: Okay.

Rick: You’ll see that you created them as a subdomain as well but you can delete those subdomains and it won’t matter.

Angela: Now where am I going? Here? Right there?

Rick: Yeah, just look at subdomains. Yeah. I mean, that’s the one oddness here.

Angela: And it’s confusing me so can I get that out of there?

Rick: Why don’t you select Manage Redirection for just a moment? Oh I see, pardon me. I see what it’s redirected to. Yeah, I would just remove them.

Angela: Okay, you got to help me do that because I’m not going to…

Rick: You see where it says “Remove”?

Angela: Yes but I’m not removing my domains, just the subdomain issue.

Rick: No.

Angela: Okay.

Rick: Actually, you might be just removing the redirection there. Let’s just see what happens when you hit remove.

Angela: Okay, I’m going to do angelachan first. I don’t know why it did that though. I must have done something wrong. Delete that domain?

Rick: Yeah, delete the subdomain. Yeah. See and this subdomain cannot be removed because it’s linked to the addon domain. You must… okay. Just go back and ignore it.

Angela: Okay.

Rick: Okay, you just ignore it. I don’t know why it’s linked like that but I would simply ignore it.

Angela: Do you think the same thing is going to happen if I hit this one?

Rick: It will, yes.

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