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Adding Signatures to Forms in WordPress

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In this session we discuss adding signatures to forms in WordPress and the different ways in which this can be done. We talk about using the Adobe forms system that allows you to create a PDF file and access these files from the site which are stored in the Adobe account.

We also talk about data management rules associated with collecting and storing data online and the legalities which are analogous to the rules about collecting financial information from people.

Video Transcript

Member: So my client has four of these PDFs. I was going to just okay so obviously she’s a counselor, these are intake forms.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: To the best of her ability she does not want any paperwork at all.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: So I figured okay we’ll use Gravity Forms, not a problem. The only problem came I realized when I finally looked at the page the other day is that you know, they require signatures so I do have 4 of them here.

Rick: Uhuh.

Member: You can see so I’m trying to figure out I don’t know what the easy best way to do this. You know if I put in on Gravity Forms it’s great they fill up the forms and they’re stored in you know the little database they form but you don’t have the signatures so I don’t know if you have any ideas or whatever I’m just kind of stuck.

Rick: Well, I would just have them you know, type their name with a checkbox acknowledging that you know everything that they say is true or something like that.

Member: Okay.

Rick: If you want to do it in Gravity Forms you know that Adobe Creative Cloud does have a forms server and if you are a Creative Cloud member or subscriber you could set up these Adobe forms on our site so that they filled them out. Now I think signatures still require you know some additional fees because signed documents like that there may be a cost associated with that and so you could use the Adobe forms system on your website, they can be embedded on the site. It’s going to create a PDF form I mean it’s going to create a PDF file when they sign it so I mean it just depends on how important signature is really.

Member: Yeah okay so here’s the other thing and she said she really doesn’t want to deal with paperwork but I’m also thinking that if all these PDFs just stay online in the Cloud or on a computer or whatever. So how much do you think the Adobe Creative Cloud is to get the PDF access every month and all that?

Rick: That’s about 60 bucks a month.

Member: Okay that’s about $60 per month.

Rick: Yeah I think that’s what I pay.

Member: I know I pay $10 a month but that’s just for Photoshop.

Rick: Yeah. I mean it’s the full boat I think if you’re going to use the forms. You’d have to go look it up and see but I think… and they probably have a deal for half a price or some reduced price for the first 12 months something like that.

Member: Okay and if we did it that way they would be stored in the Cloud all the PDF documents?

Rick: I think so yeah. I think they get stored in the PDF server at Adobe so in your Adobe account.

Member: Right, right okay. Alternatively if we just do like you said and they just put their name in I mean that sounds much easier using Gravity Forms. Does that sound like a reasonable way to do this?

Rick: Well absolutely. I guess it depends on how important the signature is.

Member: Right. Yeah I’m not exactly sure I mean she’s starting out new, it’s 50-50 how important it is I don’t know or I don’t know if she could print out one piece of paper you know, to try to cover all these forms, I’ve got 4 forms here. You can see there I just got 4 forms.

Rick: I would probably I mean I would tell her to consult her attorney on it and find out if there are some you know, find out if there are some online equivalent to the signature that she wants. I really have no idea whether or not you know, the signature I’m describing would be legal or satisfy her legal requirements or not.

Member: Correct.

Rick: I do know that there is a version of that signed PDF documents that is supposed to be as good as a physical signature but…

Member: I did something like that for a long time ago, it was like a digital signature as well but that seemed fairly complex maybe I was using something like the Creative Cloud thing you’re talking about but yeah, it wasn’t very simple to use of course this was many I don’t know how many years ago, 8 years ago or something.

Rick: Somebody else who knows about this stuff says that if those are healthcare provider forms then there are hipaa issues for online files and encryption so really that point is way beyond my level of expertise so there may be some other issues associated with that that she’ll want or need to consider when gathering medical information and saving it.

Member: Yes, these are definitely hipaa so as you could see right here that’s the title of the form, can you guys see that right now?

Rick: I can, yeah.

Member: So this other person rightfully so he’s saying like this is you really you know, this really needs to be encrypted and stored properly and all that, is that what he was saying?

Rick: Yeah that there are data management rules associated with collecting and storing that data online.

Member: Data management rules, right. Yeah because this is very sensitive.

Rick: It’s just like the same kinds of rules about collecting or I mean it’s not just like but it’s analogous to the rules about collecting financial information from people like their credit cards and that kind of stuff.

Member: Okay. So I guess another simple alternative would be to have people print them out and just hand them to when they get to the office.

Rick: Absolutely.

Member: And that would be very you know, legal and it just matter yeah but when you get online I guess this other person is alluding to the fact that it can get very complicated and legal.

Rick: Right.

Member: If you’re not storing it if you’re online you’re not storing it properly, correct?

Rick: Right. Yeap.

Member: Okay so that’s it right?

Rick: That’s it.

Member: All right, thank you so much Rick.

Rick: You betcha, have a good day.

Member: Bye.

Rick: Bye.

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