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How to Align the Menu and Header Image in Agility

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In this session we demonstrate how to align the menu and header image in Agility under Layout, Fonts, Sizes and Colors using the column and header system.

Video Transcript

Member: So in my yeah, you see it’s like a header image and the menu and the content and they don’t seem to be aligned.

Rick: Okay, well the header image is going to have some padding around it. What are you using for this? You’re using the…

Member: Agility.

Rick: Yeah so although how big is this image? This is yeah, so in Agility let’s see I’ll go to Manage Skins and we’ll go to Agility and then Skin Design. In this section here under Layout, Fonts, Sizes, and Colors you can come down to the 1 Column Header and you can say 0px. You know, what you’ve got is left and right padding, is your problem so 0px and 0px. You can’t say 0. If you say 0 it doesn’t work so you have to in this case, I mean you could say 1 and it would give you a 1 pixel of padding but if you say 0 PHP consider that to be false or empty or whatever so you have to say 0px but if you say that and save it then that will allow your image to be the full 1032 pixels wide.

Member: Okay, I understand. I understand so it’s a left and right padding thing.

Rick: Yes, that’s where your issue is.

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