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Analyze a Site Using Pingdom

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In this session, we discuss another tool that we can use to analyze site speed and it’s Pingdom – With this tool you can see which part of the site that is taking too long to load.

Video Transcript

Rick: The next thing I would do is use a tool called “Pingdom”.Okay, so 5, 6, 7 minutes. It’s about 9 minutes before we see anything. On cache, it took 11.36 seconds and this big, yellow “Weight”, 7.38 seconds, that’s all caused by the speed of GoDaddy. It’s the result of inexpensive shared hosting at GoDaddy. That’s all I did, some 7.38 seconds is just waiting for GoDaddy to do something, 7:38 out of 11. Then you have a couple of other issues. wpsc_user_dynamic_css. What is WordPress sc-user.

Cathy: I’m not sure.

Rick: That’s some kind of a plugin that has got a couple of places where it gives you a nice long wait. Then you have some problems caused by the fact that you are loading Javascript and then coming back to load CSS. All of your CSS should be loaded before your Javascript. You’ve got this CSS in here that is being loaded after some Javascript is being loaded and what should really happen is all of your CSS should be loaded first before the Javascript. That’s in large part due to that piece of custom code.

Where is your first piece of Javascript being loaded? 10n, that’s your very first piece of Javascript being loaded ahead of CSS. Actually, all the rest of your CSS is working fine except for this CSS that is inserted by that custom code. What happens is that this request cannot be processed until this Javascript requests are completed which is why you actually want your Javascript requests to happen at the bottom as much as possible. Lots of your Javascript stuff are happening down here rather than happening up here because this is preventing page rendering.

Cathy: Then would you back(4:26) being put like in a Footer or something?

Rick: What you would do is, if you use the on queau script properly, WordPress will put it where it belongs. The problem is that it didn’t use on queau script. I’m guessing that the person doesn’t really understand how WordPress does this stuff because WordPress has its own system for handling Javascript and CSS and all you have to do is tie in to that system and then it works right.

For whatever reason you chose not to tie in to the system at all and just to load Javascript and CSS in the body of the document which is not good practice and is one of the reasons why you have the lower score and a slower site. Your biggest gain is going to be in changing hosts because there’s nothing GoDaddy can do about this. The only thing GoDaddy can do about this is decide that they’re going to put fewer people on the server.

Cathy: Then that wouldn’t be economical for them, more than likely. If I move the site, I’ll basically copy like we did last night?

Rick: Yes, absolutely that’s what you’ll do. Let’s go to thesistoolbox first and run its test. I don’t think they run a test on this. I’m only getting a”C”, I’m getting an overall performance score of 77. I’m getting an “F” for fewer HTTP request so I have too many external Javascripts and external background image. They do a lot of background image on this thing and I’m not using any compression at all.

GoDaddy is using some compression which is why you’re not getting the bad score for that but my Bluehost account is not using any compression for that. I’m getting nailed for Javascript that could be minified. That kind of Javascript at the bottom is a problem too because I’ve got wp e-member and because wp e-store of that for whatever reason don’t put their Javascript.

They put their Javascript at the top and then my new favorite little “sugar-modals plugin” is also doing the same thing. I have plugins that I don’t really have any control over, that are loading Javascript in a way that it’s not as efficient as it possibly could. Actually, most of my problems on the site could be solve with the caching plugin.

Cathy: That line couldn’t be?

Rick: No, because you’re still waiting around for GoDaddy for 7 seconds. That’s the real issue, 7 out of 11 seconds. Let’s see how long would I wait for Bluehost. It took 5.84 seconds to load the site and I waited for Bluehost for 858 ms.

I didn’t have to wait very long. I mean, I’m waiting a long time for images to be served up which would totally go away if I was to cached this. I think I might try using the cache plugin on this. You probably can use a caching plugin on your site as well which would also speed up a lot of different things. Let’s see BYOB Website since I’ve spent so much money on this. This is a huge site, 2.94 seconds

Cathy: Very nice.

Rick: What is my performance grade? I’m getting zeros for combining external Javascript and stuff like that but that’s because (10:51) memory, just doesn’t like it but I got 62 out of 100. I’m only waiting around 8.73 ms plus 7.36, what I’m waiting for is about a second and a half for InMotion hosting to process both the DNS request and the request.

I’m going from a $90 a month hosting plan to $180 a month hosting plan starting Saturday with the purpose of bringing this number way down and also being able to deal more easily with a few of these other things that are taking some time like the combining. I have more control over the server and so I can choose to cache more of these information, I can choose to cache in memory rather than in a page cache. I’m expecting that my page speed become quite a bit faster with spending another $90 a month.

Cathy: Half the price of it.

Rick: Yes. I mean, this is being hosted on a $5 a month plan, right? The thesis toolbox is with almost all of my other things on that one Bluehost account. Obviously, Bluehost is serving it pretty well.

Cathy: Yes. Now, in regards to checking out other sites, my posting sites. Would I go to that competitor company and go to under customer sites and basically run Pingdom on that and see how they load?

Rick: You can try that. You’re going to try and figure out who’s hosted where, right? I’ve got an account on iPower and I think iPower is even worse than GoDaddy, Let’s see what happens when we do that on iPower. That’s pretty fast, 974 ms. Of course this is not a WordPress site either, it’s a static HTML site. Let’s go to the WordPress site and see what happens.

You can see that it’s taking quite a bit longer, 6 seconds and 1 and a half seconds and 2.35 seconds are spent waiting around for iPower. About 3 seconds of this 6 seconds is waiting for iPower. Anyway, if you know people who are hosted at other places then you can figure this stuff out pretty easily.

Let’s try another on a different Bluehost account. Let’s try, this is one of my sites and is being hosted on entirely different Bluehost account. It took 8.07 seconds to load and 5 seconds of that was waiting for Bluehost.

Cathy: Basically, it’s time to move the site to get better speed performance.

Rick: Yes. I mean you can ask GoDaddy what they can do to increase the speed of their servers but I think the answer is nothing. Let’s see, this is somebody else whom I know is being hosted on GoDaddy. They’ve got 1.79 and 1.18, so 3 out of their 5 seconds was spent waiting for GoDaddy.

This amount of time is going to vary depending upon when you ask, right? This server may be busy or may not be busy. If the server is not busy and you’re the only person who’s asking for it, it’s going to go fast and if the server is busy then it’s going to be slow.

Cathy: Okay.

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