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Are All 1 Column Layouts Smaller than 2 or 3 Column Layouts

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In this session we talk about why 1 Column layouts aren’t necessarily smaller than 2 or 3 Column layouts in Thesis Classic. We demonstrate how to adjust the width of the page when using the Page Framework for a 1 column layout and show how it displays in various devices using the responsinator.

Video Transcript

Member:  Are all one column layouts smaller than 2 plus column layouts? I was noticing that the one column layout of the mobile responsive skin is 600 some pixels wide whereas any of the others actually have columns in them, are 900 or so pixels wide. Is that just naturally true of any…

Rick:  No, it’s just the way Thesis classic was done so I left the same sizes. And I think that Chris is assuming that if you’ve got it one column, why do you want it to be narrower? So he made it narrower. But we can just as easily download that and install… pardon me. Yeah, save as and then let’s see… I’m just going to delete this old version of it, change that file name so it’s right. It changed the file name because I had a previous copy there so…

Anyway, then come back over to the site and manager and import skin data. Choose that file and it’s… let’s do… date now. It’s not happened yet by date. Here it is, import that data.

So now I have the one column site, right? And if you want the column to be larger… I’m sorry, I ended up picking the full width framework version. Are you using the full width framework or the page framework?

Member:  The page framework.

Rick:  Okay, let’s just get the right one in here. Okay and so this container is called container. It’s got the id of container. So if you go over to this css and you come over to container and look at the options, you can see it’s 646. But you could make it 960 and if you make it 960, it’s wider.

Member:  And everything works fine?

Rick:  Yup.

Member:  Great, okay.

Rick:  And we can test that. Let’s just save that css and let’s test it on the Responsinator. So that’s what it looks like in a mobile device. So it worked fine.

Member:  Awesome.

Rick:  And when you get down to the bigger ones where you can really see the difference, it’s widening all the way out rather than staying 600 pixels wide or 666 pixels wide. This is 1024 wide and it’s showing full 960.

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