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Background Image Disappears When Footer Widgets Plugin is Installed

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In this session we discuss why the background image disappears when the Footer Widgets Plugin is installed. We show how to set the background color to transparent and disable the white background color so that it doesn’t specify anything for background to make it automatically transparent.

Video Transcript

Allison: I’m just doing this site which is at

Rick: Infinity TWO or numeral 2 or what?

Allison: No, number 2

Rick: Websites? Plural?

Allison: Yeah.

Rick: Okay.

Allison: Now I can’t get to the footer background image. I have the Full Width Background plugin and I have the Footer plugin. But when I actually… I’ve sort of played around with it quite a lot and when I deactivate the Footer plugin, the image comes up, background image, sorry.

Rick: And how big is the background image?

Allison: It’s a very narrow…

Rick: It’s 951 by 5 pixels tall? Is that what it is?

Allison: That’s correct.

Rick: And it’s…

Allison: Then it’s a background of the content. It’s a similar one to that.

Rick: And so… and then it repeats in the Y direction and you’ve got it defined as left op but probalby, I would say, it should be center. I think what’s happening is that you have defined a color for the row that sits over the top of it. Either that or it doen’st have a height or you’ve specified that… no, you’ve got the height that’s 30 pixels. So let’s just look at your… I’m going to make you the presenter here and we can look over your shoulder. Why don’t you go to that Footer Widgets plugin and… because I think the problem here is that you’ve got a color that’s covering up that background image.

Allison: Okay, can you see my screen?

Rick: Almost. Not quite.

Allison: Okay.

Rick: It says it’s waiting for you.

Allison: I did click on it, show my screen.

Rick: Okay well, let’s just give it a second then.

Allison: Okay.

Rick: Okay, let’s try it again. I’m going to change it, make myself the presenter again and then yes, show my screen. And then I’m going to come back over to you and I’m going to make Allison Smith… oh, make her the presenter. Pardon me, I muted you. I didn’t make you the presenter. Make you the presenter, okay. So you’re going to have to say share my screen again.

Allison: I don’t see anything come up at the moment. That’s weird. I can’t see anything. It came up last time.

Rick: Do you see that little blue flower down there at the bottom of your screen that says “GoToWebinar”?

Allison: Yeah.

Rick: Click on that.

Allison: I clicked that and I… yeah, I’ve clicked that. I’m just going to stay in the box here, down at the side and is there anything coming there that I can…

Rick: Okay well then, why not… why don’t we just…

Allison: I’m showing… showing screen. Oh hang on, what’s that? Oh yeah, something’s come up now. You’ve been made the presenter. Show this screen. Show my screen so I just click show my screen again.

Rick: Okay and so while we’re waiting for that to actually materialize, why don’t you go to the Footer Widgets plugin. Okay, there we go. We’re here now.

Allison: Can you see?

Rick: I can. So go the Footer Widgets plugin. Although, I’m only seeing a fixed screen and not actually seeing you open that Footer Widgets plugin. But go ahead and open it up and then look under… let’s see, look under footer row 1 and look at the customize background.

Allison: Footer row background style?

Rick: Yeah so you should uncheck you know, use background color and background image.

Allison: Yeah, that made the background transparent. That’s not checked. Now I ahven’t got the background image in there.

Rick: I know. My point is that right now, it’s saying that that background of footer row 1 should be white. Right now it’s explicitly saying background color should be white. Well, that background color of white overlays the top of your image. So that background color should either be transparent or it shouldn’t… in fact, you shouldn’t specify anything for background there and then it will automatically be transparent.

Allison: Well, you can… it’s always defaulted to white, isn’t it? I can’t… it can’t say nothing, can it?

Rick: Okay well, go ahead and make it transparent then and save it and let’s refresh it and see what it looks like here. Okay so that background color is transparent and now you’ve got a little yellow… well, in the first place, you’ve got a very slight white…

Allison: Oh yeah, it’s there. It’s there. It is the wrong coloring at the moment because I’ve changed the coloring. But no, it is there now.

Rick: Okay.

Allison: Yes.

Rick: Perfect.

Allison: Thank you very much.

Rick: Okay, you’re welcome.

Allison: Thank you.

Rick: You betcha. Talk to you later.

Allison: Yeah, bye bye.

Rick: Bye bye.

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