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Background Images Disappear When Using Web Developer

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In this session, we discuss why the background images disappear when using the Web Developer Addon for Firefox. Web Developer cannot interpret relative URLs for background images.

Video Transcript

Member: Now one other question while I have on here, if I may.

Rick: Sure, absolutely.

Member: When I go to the site that I’m building right now and I get… I right click and I bring up inspect the element, then I go up here and I get the Web Developer and I click on Edit CSS…

Rick: Yup…

Member: Man, it just totally tears my site apart. It removes the header, removes the background, messes everything up…

Rick: What it does…

Member: Right click on…

Rick: What it does it Web Developer cannot interpret relative URLs for background images. So if you’re using relative URLs in your background images then what happens is the background images go away.

Member: They disappear, okay.

Rick: Right.

Member: Alright. That’s why I was kind of wondering.

Rick: Which is why I always… in the classes, teach using a full URL. Here’s an example of it, this background URL, where I have the full URL starting at the beginning and working all the way through so that I can see it in Web Developer when I want it.

Member: Okay, alright. You had just mentioned… I thought in the tutorial where you were discussing that, I thought you were kind of leaning in the direction of relative URLs because they’re just right local there, that’s where you’re working in.

Rick: Well, the only benefit to local URLs is that there’s a little bit of… if you want to copy the code and use it on another site then… or if you… yeah, I mean that’s mainly it. If you want to copy the code and use it on another site then the relative URL will work better because it’s not site-specific. However you know, I think that benefit is significantly outweighed by the inability of Web Developer to resolve relative URLs and I want to be able to see those background images when I’m working. And so I’d much rather…

Member: So if I go…

Rick: Do it that way.

Member: If I go back in into my CSS files where I put those in and add the full address and that should take care of that.

Rick: That will take care of it, yeah. As long as the address is correct, it will take care of it.

Member: Yeah, okay. Alright well I apprecaite that because I couldn’t figure out… because I don’t use… and every time I go on yours like, well I don’t have anything left other than what I’m working on.

Rick: Yeah, right. It’s just failing in Web Developer.

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