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BackupBuddy Demonstration

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Watch along with me as I go through the process from start to finish using BackupBuddy to create an exact copy of an existing WordPress website.

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Video Transcript

Sandy: Well I’m in the middle of transferring all my sites to a new hosting company and I am just having a couple of problems with a couple of them- that server buddy, does it, I mean the Backup Buddy, does it work really well?

Rick: It works very, very well.

Sandy: I have server problems but I don’t have Backup Buddy.

Rick: You wanna see a demonstration?

Sandy: I would love to.

Rick: Okay, I’m going to turn your microphone off so we don’t hear the echo but I’ll give you a demonstration. Okay so what we’re going to do is, we’re just going to create a copy of Thesis in store.  I’m going to go to my host, Bluehost. Okay and I am going to log in.  Let’s see. Actually that’s right, that’s not that domain, that’s BYOB Tutorial. If you want to chime in in the middle of this Sandy, feel free just to raise your hand and then I’ll put you back on the microphone.

Okay so I’m in my hosting account now. What I’m going to do is set up a subdomain. So I’m going to come over here to subdomains and I’m going to make an estore17 subdomain that will be an exact copy of the e-store 16. So subdomain is going to be estore17. That network will be there, we’re just going to go ahead and create the subdomain.

And then when the subdomain is done, I’m going to create the mySQL database so when I scroll down here to mySQL databases and we’ll create a database and a user. Actually, while that’s happening what I should be doing is I should be going to www.estore16.byobtutorial . I’m going to log in and make a copy of the site so… WordPress admin… okay, we’ll go down to Backup Buddy and actually, I think… it’s fine like it is. Go to Backup Buddy, hit backups, create a full backup. Backup’s already complete so there it is. Now I’m just going to download that to my local computer by selecting that.

And while it’s doing that, I’m going to come back over to here Bluehost and I’m going to make an estore17 and we’ll create the database. Okay, and when the database is created, we’re going to assign a user to it and so I want estore17 as my database and I’m going to put estore 1 as my user. I’m going to add that person and I’m going to give them all the privileges. Okay so now we have our user, our database, and our subdomain created. And so now, I need to upload the files so I’ll turn on Filezilla.  I’m going to copy source 16 essentially, site manager take you to 16 and create a copy of it and I’m going to call that estore17. Okay, and all that information is correct except that I’m going to say estore17 and get rid of that so it’ll connect up to it.

Okay, so now you can see I’m in my estore17 directory that I created when I created the subdomain because that’s automatically created. So now I need to go to the appropriate place in my site which in this case is downloads. Let’s see where I should go… My Documents, yes. And then Downloads and we are looking for Last Modified, okay so that’s the one I just created.  Okay, so I’m going to upload that one to the site and then I’m going to go down and find backup and then I’m going to find my filename… I’m going to go find Import Buddy is the file name I’m looking for. Go the other direction. Okay there is Import Buddy so upload that as well. Now the big file and the little file have been uploaded to this site and so now I’m going to do the really exciting part which is run Import Buddy.

So I’m going to type in Okay so that’s going to run an Import Buddy file. So here we are on the first page, it says… it recognizes this is the backup file do I want to use that? I’m going to say yes to the next step. We’re going to migrate it to new server and that new server is going to be public_html_estore17. So we say next. It has now extracted the files. We say next. It brings us to the set up for the database. Now the database name was byobtutoestore17 and the user is byobtutoestore1. Oh, I did not give that thing a password. You have to give it a password. It won’t work without a password. Let’s go back to mySQL databases. Oh no, it does have a password because the user has a password. Let’s see, I think that password is… yup. I want to test the database settings, okay that worked. Then we hit the next step. Okay, now this is probably 100% complete.

So now if we take this domain and we paste it, there it is.  Now we have set up. It has all the same stuff, in fact it still says Lesson 16 because I didn’t change that. It has all the same stuff and if you go to WordPress Admin, of course it has the same login information. And the one thing I have left to do is I have to go down to permalinks and resave them. So we come down to settings and general, right? Permalinks and just hit save changes and I might as well change that to general. Let’s go to General Options, change it to Lesson 17.

Somebody just this morning asked me a question about a new feature WPeStore so I think I’ll just make a Lesson 17 for it -we’ll just use that site. So we hit save changes and the whole migration is now completed. You can see right there this actually has every image, every catalog item, the forums, the Add to Cart function, shopping cart. Everything is 100% completely functional based on the original site. So I’ll turn you back on here Sandy. So that look fast enough for you?

Sandy: That was unbelievable. But you didn’t have to go in to your… PHP admin to connect the database?

Rick: Nope.

Sandy: Wow. That really looks very simple. Does it work for large sites as well?

Rick: It worked on my site.

Sandy: Okay, I mean, you don’t have to show me. I just had such trouble that you know, it becomes frustrating time.

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