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BlueHost’s New Backup System

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BlueHost has recently changed their backup system. They no longer offer the same flexible backup system. This member wants to know how to use the new backup system and how to manually back up his website. I discuss the new system and then I demonstrate how to manually backup a website simply using the file manager and PHPMyAdmin.

Video Transcript

Okay so the next thing we’re going to do is talk about BlueHost and backups. BlueHost has changed their backup system and so it’s now different than what is shown on my tutorials so we’re going to take a look at that right now.

We’ll go to BlueHost here and I’m going to log in to, here we go. So BlueHost used to have this spectacular backup system that you could easily manage yourself. And it has changed to this site backup and restore. And it’s a way for them to you know, get you to pay another $12 a year, another $1 a month for this service and so, a number of the options that used to be available are not available for free anymore. So for example, you can download or you can backup SQL databases but the way that works is that you either download the daily system backup, the weekly system backup or the monthly system backup. So the daily was done this morning at 3:28 in the morning. The weekly was done on Sunday and the monthly was done on May 18th. Interesting.

On the other hand, you can do the same thing with website files although it’s your entire directory, your entire public HTML directory. And again, the same dates. But you can no longer backup and restore say, individual sites from BlueHose backup dashboard. Now I will say that for $1 a month, having that ability plus the additional abilities that this has is probably worth the $1 a month if this is what you’re doing for backup. If you don’t want to spend $1 a month then here’s how I would… you can manually backup your site and the way I would… let’s see, let’s look at restore the site for just a second. Yeah so, in this case, you can only… let’s go back to backup. You have one choice here which is to backup website files and you have the choice… I thought you had the choice of backing up everything right now.

Let’s see, website files. Oh yeah, instantly backup current files. So you could… I’m not going to do this because it would be huge for me because it’s every single folder in my public HTML directory. Not just individual ones so it would just take too long. If we you know, come over and look at the site you know, according to this, I have how many pages? 41,747 files in my public HTML directory. So it doesn’t make any sense for me to do this as a demonstration and mostly, that’s because I have so many subdomains going on in here. You know, if we look at the file manager and we look at this public HTML directory you know, I’ve got all of these different subdomains. Each one of those subdomains has a WordPress installation in it. And so, it’s you know, it’ll be a very large backup.

But in any case, if you want to use that system, that’s what you can do. You can backup, do the website files and do an instant current backup. And then, if you’re going to restore, you would come back over to the website files and then you would upload the backup. And that backup you would be uploading is the one that you created from that instant.

So I mean, that’s your files option. Unfortunately, there’s not a good option for you for your database. And you know, they’ve got this automatically downloaded backup of your databases but it’s a created backup. It’s not the one that you did last and there’s no way to… without paying, to restore the database. So you can backup the database but as soon as it’s time for you to restore, you’re going to pay your $12. And so, however, you can manually backup your system and we’re going to look at that very briefly. I’ve actually covered this, some parts of this several times and so there are plenty of videos about this.

But if we, for example, if you want to just backup one specific part of your site, say you want to backup before you reinstall WordPress and you want to backup the one part of your site, the first thing you do is you go to File Manager and go to the specific site that you want to do. and then if you select it and say, copy which is… yeah, copy and you’re going to copy it to community backup, copy the files… you should have a community backup folder now. And now what you can do is just go to that and zip it. And that is compressed so if you compress that and compress it, now you have a compressed file, that you can easily download to your site… download to your own computer just by saying upload. Select it and hit upload. And now you’ve got a backup of all your files for that site.

Then the next thing you want to do is backup your databases. So you go back to the dashboard and then go down to PHP myAdmin and log in to it. And then pick the backup that you want to do and in particular, where word 24 is a community library site. So you select that database and then you go to export and you select gzips down here at the bottom and hit go. Now, I just did that in the short from version because I have… under Live Answers, I have plenty of videos about how to backup and restore your database using phpmyAdmin. And to restore your website, you would delete the community files and then you would unzip this, rename it to community and you’d have the old files back.

So that’s one way of doing a backup, a manual backup with BlueHost without the cool little backup system.

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