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Can I Make My Website Private and Only Accessible to Those I Choose?

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This member asks if it is possible to create a private site that only people she selects can login to and view. We discuss the concept and the tools necessary to accomplish it.

Video Transcript

Okay so you had a couple of other questions though. You said something about making a blog page private and opening posts in new pages and that kind of stuff. Do you want to… let’s see, question number 1 was making my blog private. How do I invite users who are not WP users and is this possible? Actually, tell me what you mean by that.

Well, I had visited a blog the other day and I went in to read it and it said, “You must be… this blog is private.” That got me thinking, one of my blogs, I would like to be private and just invite who I want in there. So I set myself up with using another email as “private user” but then I realized, unless I misunderstood that WordPress is talking about that option is available if you… let’s say Rick, I wanted to invite you. You would have to have a WordPress blog yourself and then I’m inviting you.

Well, I don’t have to have a WordPress blog but I would have to be a WordPress user on your site. I mean, you can restrict access to parts of your site to registered users of your site and they don’t have to be registered users of any other site and they don’t have to be their own blog owner but they do have to be… they would have to register with your site.

Okay so it sounds like the only way… what were you going to say?

Well, it’s actually not very difficult but it is… but if you wanted to restrict access to a part of your site to registered users then you would have to allow users to register and then you’d need a plugin like Roll Scope or something like that that would make that part of the site private, if you will. Only visible to registered users and then they would have to not only register but then log in in order to see it. Not entirely unlike the membership site.

Okay so there’s no way then to… if you’ve got the name of my URL, if you’ve got my URL, what happens when I typed in this man’s URL was it was just a message, a WordPress message, “This site is private. You must be a registered user.” That’s what I was looking to…

The entire site? If the entire site is private, you must be a registered user?


The chances are that some kind of a membership plugin… you know, the membership plugin I’m teaching on Mondays? That membership plugin has that ability to prevent any login whatsoever, any access to anything short of a login so if somebody types a URL, what they get is a login page and they have to login first.

That was what I was looking to do.

Yeah well, keep coming on Monday because even if you’re not doing it for money, the WP eMember plugin provides that opportunity and I can show you how to do that.

Okay great then we won’t waste time talking more about that here then.



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