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Can I Use Vertical Menus in Thesis 2?

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In this session we talk about using vertical menus in Thesis 2. We explain how to create a menu, use a menu widget and drag the menu widget into the sidebar and style it. We can also change the list style with the kinds of bullets in the Agility Skin for the widget area.

Video Transcript

Member:  I want to put a menu down to the left hand side of Treatments for Hypnotherapy so people can click on that as well as in the menu that’s going to go across horizontally. And I just wondered, can you make the menu sort of on its… suck it up as it were…

Rick:  Vertically? Can you have a vertical menu on your sidebar kind of thing?

Member:  Yeah.

Rick:  Yes, you can and you know, it’s going to be styled differently, obviously. But what you would do is create your menu and then use the Menu widget. And drag the Menu widget into your sidebar.

Member:  Yeah.

Rick:  It’s very simple to do that and then it’s going to come in like in a list form like this. This is a list. It’s going to come in a list form like this and then you can style it however you want.

Member:  Right, okay. And the list that you’ve got like that, because at the moment, this would have standard menu, put some boxes around it.

Rick:  Yeah but it won’t do that when you drop it into the… when you use a text widget in the sidebar, it would not put a box around it. The list would look just like this. It may not have the bullet point. It depends on… actually, if you’re using Agility, Agility doesn’t have bullet points in the sidebar. But otherwise, it’ll look like that.

Member:  Okay and if you want procure a bullet then you just go into WordPress, pick up a bullet with what the text that you want next to it and then just drag it across and put it in.

Rick:  Well, if you wanted to use the bullets, what you do is you would change the list style in Agility for the widget area.

Member:  Okay. Let’s say you can do a bullet point in the styling, can you?

Rick:  Yeah, in fact when you see the term list style, what it means is what kind of bullet do you want? So list style none is what I show in the Agility sidebar but you can choose list style square or disc or round or Roman numeral. I mean, there’s a whole range of choices to choose from.

Member:  Oh fantastic. And those are choices within Agility, are they?

Rick:  Those are choices actually… they are in… within Agility but those choices are really within Thesis 2. They do exist inside of Agility but they also exist in any kind of Thesis 2 you might be working on.

Member:  Okay.

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