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Can the Page Title be Hidden?

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A member asks if it is possible to hide the actual page title on a given post or page. I suggest that there is another mechanism for having a title on a page without it looking like a page name. The page title is an important part of the page for SEO and for Google to consider it seriously. A page without a page title isn’t a good idea.

Video Transcript

Rick: Pam’s got her hand up. Pam? What do you have?

Pam: Yes, good evening. I feel silly asking such a basic question…

Rick: Go ahead.

Pam: But on this certain page, I don’t want the name of the page to display at the top of the content box. How do I turn that off?

Rick: Yeah, you mean you don’t want a heading?

Pam: Right, I guess that’s the heading.

Rick: That is the heading and now, are you sure you don’t want a heading? The reason I ask you that is that you know, it doesn’t have to be the name of the page like this, right? It could be you know, “Welcome to our website” as the heading or mine says you know, “Attention Entrepreneurs.”

Pam: Right, right.

Rick: And each one tag…

Pam: But how do you specify…

Rick: What’s that?

Pam: So how do you specify a heading that’s not the name of the page?

Rick: Well, it does become the name of the page. It’s just that you would change the name in the…well, I’ll just show you on my site. On my site, we look at pages and this is my homepage right here. So that’s the name of the homepage. However, when you look at this same page in the menu so for example, you’d go to Site Options and look at the Thesis menu, I have called that home or whatever the heck it is… I’ve lost it. Well, okay I might have made that name so long it freaks out on this but you know, the net result of course is that I have…well, it doesn’t look like a page name, right? It’s really just a heading.

Pam: Okay. That one you hover over name in your Nav menu, you’re going to see whatever the heading was, not what you’ve renamed it in the menu there.

Rick: Right because… I see, actually I don’t have the page name in my menu. Well, maybe I do actually. Come back over here… yeah, I’ve got the home button there and well, especially as it relates to home, I mean, obviously you can change these names right, inside your Thesis Nav menu…change what displays here. So that’s the first…

Pam: Well, I was doing it right.

Rick: Yes. That’s really my first question is are you sure you don’t want a heading? Because…

Pam: Yeah, that’s what… what you’re showing is how I was doing it. I guess I just thought that maybe I was doing something wrong because when I hover over the Nav menu, I see the heading. I don’t see what I’ve renamed it under the Thesis Options.

Rick: Yeah, right because…right. That’s probably true. You see that Thesis gives the title in that case, Thesis uses it as its title the name of the page and that’s a function of Thesis, right? That’s not… you might try swapping menus and instead of the Thesis menu, you use the WordPress menu and see if you can suppress the title or change the title but otherwise…

Pam: Okay.

Rick: It doesn’t happen with your homepage because well, your homepage is home. Does it? No, so it doesn’t happen on the homepage.

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