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Can Thesis be Installed on a Website?

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This member wonders if Thesis can be installed on a website. I explain why it can’t be done and suggest a way to recreate his own site on a self hosted domain.

Video Transcript

Okay so let’s see, Brian asked a question, “Is it possible to install Thesis not on a hosted website?” No, it’s not possible to install it on a site hosted by a only allows you to select from their list of sites or I mean, from their list of themes. So no, you can’t install Thesis on a You can install Thesis on any self-hosted .org website and if you’ve got a .com site you know, it makes a lot of sense to transfer that to a .org site anyway. In the first place, it’s very easy to transfer. That is, WordPress has this plugin that allows you to import a site.

So let’s see, just for example, if we’re over on… let’s see, where’s the… here we go. Go to dashboard and then go down to Tools and Import. You can see that you have this choice of you can import from Blogger or in this case, you can import from WordPress. has an export feature that will automatically create a file that will be downloaded on your computer that then you can use this feature to upload and recreate your own self-hosted version of the site. So your, I mean, your own self-hosted site is going to do better from a search engine optimization standpoint. It’s going to become more visible than the site that’s hosted on So it definitely makes sense to just create your own since it’s so easy to do that.

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