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Can you use Bitnami for a Local Installation of WordPress?

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Bitnami is a new system for creating a local installation of Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  The difference between this and WHAMP or XAMP is that it packages WordPress with the installation.  So no configuration of MySQL is necessary.  I haven’t tested this yet but it seems simple.  The only question I have is whether or not you can use other PHP applications with the WordPress Bitnami stack.

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Video Transcript

Oh I know what you’re talking about, the package for installing… essentially an Apache server on your site or your own computer.

The Bitnami installation.

Yes, no I have not taken the time to try and use it although I did read through its stuff and… I mean, it seems like it’s quite simple.

Absolutely, absolutely.  It could not be more straightforward and simple to install whereas example… Whamp or whatever… there are hassles with it.

So one of my questions about that was whether or not once you have that Bitnami stack installed, whether or not you could use it for any other application that uses PHP mySQL and Apache for example, you have it set up for WordPress but could I also create a little web program from scratch and also run it on that… I guess that was something I was gonna look at briefly before I really tried it.  I don’t know whether or not it’s possible but…

Right.  You copying me?

I am.  Alright well my understanding is that there a host of different Bitnami stacks.  I’m only interested in using it for installing a complete system including WordPress because it was offering almost the very latest version of WordPress and so I can’t comment apart from that.

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