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Can You Use Posts for Both a Blog and Announcements Without Showing them All on the Blog?

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In this session, we discuss how you can use posts for both your blog and announcements but without showing them all on the blog. You can do that by using one of our plugins, BYOB Thesis Exclude Category From Posts.

Video Transcript

Member: I was also looking at a video on the Business Application for the blogging feature which I really like. Now I just said in the question, is there any way on one site that you can do both have like…ideally like I have one nav thing where it say Announcements or whatever and then use it in a way that you demonstrated on the video, you know, for all the blogging functionality.

Rick: Yeah

Member: I also like to have another menu thing, this is our blog and then it would be like standard blog that would be interactive for comments, I just wondering if there’s any way to do both, like that.

Rick: Oh sure. Absolutely! You could have, you can easily have a category called Announcements that you could have some blog posts under. And then you can use my Exclude Category from Posts Page plugin to exclude the announcement from being displayed on the blog page. And then you could create an archive page, you don’t have to create this. You will just call the archive page for the announcements category from your menu. And all the announcements would show up there, and only they would show up there. And then you would exclude the announcements from the blog.

Member: Is there a video on that Rick? No?

Rick: No, you know I don’t think I do actually have a video on that whole conversation. But I’d be glad to demonstrate next week.

Member: Yeah, Ok. Good. Good. So Exclude Category plugin or something? What was it?

Rick: It’s called Exclude Category from Posts. And so under plugins, it’s the second one down here, it’s BYOB Thesis Exclude category from posts. And it allows you to select the categories that you don’t want to display on your posts page. And it can be one, it can be many.

Member: Ok, ok, Perfect. Perfect. I might have been in a thousand years trying to track that, figure the… ok.

Rick: Well, you know it’s very straight forward. However, I need you to remind me for next week or I’m just going to forget. So when you sign up next week, I mean sign up early so I get it in advance and then remind me that you want me to talk about how to have…a you know, a specific category of the posts that are treated differently from all the other categories. They don’t show up on the post page, but that you can reference them from the menu item.

Member: Ok, so you want that for Wednesday or Thursday or it doesn’t matter?

Rick: It doesn’t matter. Whatever is convenient for you, whichever session you like it in. I mean it is a beginner level question, it will be perfect for Thursday morning.

Member: Yep, ok. Great. Ok thank you.

Rick: Ok? You’re absolutely welcome. You have a good day.

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