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Case Study Part 5 – Install and Configure Thesis

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We are demonstrating using WordPress and Thesis as a CMS in our community news case study.  In this video we install the Thesis Theme  to test the Community News Site.  Highlighted in this video are:

  • Thesis theme  installation for the Community News site
  • Configuring Thesis General Settings
  • Configuring Thesis Site Options
  • Setting up FTP connection

Video Transcript

Rick: So now what we want is a custom page that will show those, right? And actually, first we need to install Thesis because without Thesis, this custom template stuff isn’t going to work. So under Appearance and Themes we will install themes and we’ll upload and we’ll choose file. And let’s see, thesis_18 down here someplace, thesis_18… open, install now. Okay, activate. Okay, refresh. There we go. Now we are at our standard WordPress thing and then while we’re at that, let’s go to let’s see… Settings and Reading. Did I set this up as a… okay. Right now, the front page displays latest posts. I’m going to set that up as a static page and pick home. And in the post page, what I’m going to pick is blog and we’ll save that. And then under Thesis Site Options, under Menu Style, we’ll use the Thesis Nav Menu. Under Pages, we’re going to use Demo 1 and Demo 2 and about and blog and home. And we’ll drag blog up here or home up there and blog here and then under our home link, we’re going to say don’t show the home link and then we’ll go ahead and turn off the feed link too. And then we’ll say save and then refresh this.

Okay and so Demo 1 and Demo 2 will be really Seattle and Edmonds and what they will do is they will show posts similar to this system. So then I guess the other thing we have to set up is an FTP connection to this and I need to first give myself a local place to do that at. Tutorial sites, create a new folder and that’s going to be… what is it? Community?Byobtutorial and then inside of that, we’ll create a new folder called WP content. Inside of that, we’ll create a new folder called Themes. Okay and then under this, we are going to go to…make sure that that actually loads properly. It does. So under Site Manager, we’re going to create a new one based on tutorial. So we’ll copy that and that’s going to be community with tutorial and then it’s going to be located… websites. No, this one is going to go down to computer, websites, byobwebsite, tutorial sites, community, and actually, I think I’m going to stop it at community byobtutorial. So okay to that and then this is going to be /community and I’m going to say connect. Okay, WP content. Okay, themes. We’ll download Thesis 8 back to the local system. Are you following what I’m doing, Douglas?

Douglas: Yes, I’m following.

Rick: Okay. I’m just making this test site capable of doing this work and so, I’m going to rename this to custom and then download it again. Okay, so now we’re ready to customize this thing.

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