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Changes to Box Creation in Thesis 2.0.2

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In this session we discuss the changes to box creation in Thesis 2.0.2 and the ways in which we interact with these boxes. We demonstrate how to add the HTML elements that we want to add to the options and show features that are automatically created for these boxes.

Video Transcript

Okay so Brian asks, “What are the new features in 2.02 that make previous instructions incorrect?” Well, for the average user, there are none. In the next skin seminar, we’re going to look at the way in which boxes have changed and the way in which interacting with boxes has changed and I suppose I could give a brief summary of that.

If we look at a typical box that I described in previous sessions, you’d see that in order to add the class as an option to the box, you would create this little thing that says class equals array and then include all this class code. Well now, Thesis has this HTML helper function and so you don’t have to do this for class or id or even for HTML entity. We can take a look at the other box site I published today. It was the simple post meta fields.

And now if you want to add class id or HTML element to a box, the first thing you do is add the HTML elements that you want to add to the options like this. Options equals Thesis API HTML options and then you would the list of options that you want plus the default option. So it’s div p and then span, those are the 3 HTML options I wanted people to be able to choose from. And then if they didn’t choose anything, I want the default to be span. And then I didn’t want to use an id. I only wanted to use it as a class so I turned off the id by saying unset options id.

And then the way you include those options into the options array is to use this array merge functions. You say array merge and then it’s these options plus this additional option which is the post meta field that I wanted to create.

And if we go over to look at an example of that, we can just come back over here to the skin editor and I think I have a post meta field in here someplace. Or even if I don’t, I’ll just create a new one. Test… see, it gives me a chance of a class… it automatically inserted the class. It automatically inserted this HTML tag with those 3 choices and with span pre-selected. And then it added my own custom post meta. But this whole description here and this field and the name of it and all the rest of that stuff came by simply referring to this Thesis API HTML options and by adding these pieces of the options. And then by removing the id and then by adding this one other option to the array.

So that’s one of the ways in which the description that I gave in the past has been different but there are a number of other things that are possible here. Like my whole description about using depth for tabs in the HTML is completely bogus now. It’s been completely replaced with a whole new system.

So there are changes to the backside for programmers who want to add stuff that did not exist and that do render some of my programming instruction incorrect. But for the average user, for the average person who participates in these things, there aren’t any fundamental changes that change directions. There are a whole bunch of nice, little things like there’s much… there are a number of bugs that got fixed and then there’s a much more descriptive tool tips and a bunch of sections that I think are quite handy. But besides that, there’s really no big change from the end user’s standpoint.

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