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Changing Your Bluehost Primary Domain

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This member wonders if she should change her primary domain for her Bluehost account. We discuss why you might want to do that, the benefits of doing that and if there are any SEO implications.

Video Transcript

Rick: Yeah.

Angela: Okay one last question about it. As long as I know it’s not a “subdomain”, I’m okay with that. Is there a way, once you have your primary domain, is it too late to… can you change another domain to be your primary or does it always stay like that forever?

Rick: Well no, you can change it. It takes a little bit of time. I did have to do that with mine right now because my Bluehost… I have 2 Bluehost accounts but my byobwebsiteBluehost has as its primary domain. And I need to change that to another one so I can go by 10 years of hosting for my Or not hosting but registration. Because one of the things…one thing that helps SEO especially with page rank is both the link that the website or that the domain has been registered and also you know, how close its expiration date is.

Angela: Right, right.

Rick: And so you know, most of my domains I bought for 3 to 10 years but you can’t with your primary domain at Bluehost because your primary domain is the domain that you get for free with your hosting account. And so they don’t let you…

Angela: But wait a minute. Rockland County Real Estate which is the primary with purchase from GoDaddy and that was purchased for 10 years.

Rick: Well then there you go. That’s fine. Maybe you aren’t getting a free one. Maybe you have yet a free one to get.

Angela: Oh no, I’m not getting a free one and that’s okay. So knowing that then would I still be able to change my primary domain? I’m not sure I would want to do it but it can be done, you think?

Rick: Yeah, you have to talk to Bluehost about it but yes. It’s not something you can do yourself.

Angela: Is it a big heartburn to do it? Is it risky?

Rick: I doubt it.

Angela: And does it do anything to your SEO?

Rick: Well, since you already bought it for 10 years, I mean that’s the only… from my standpoint, that’s the only reason to do it is so that you can get a different domain for free and pay for you know, since it’s your primary domain you know, buy a bunch of years of it. But that’s the only…

Angela: You’re misunderstanding.

Rick: Otherwise, it’s just a username. It doesn’t matter otherwise.

Angela: Okay so it doesn’t really matter… the only reason I would want to change it to angelachan is if it would either a) make my life a little simpler or somehow affect positively my search engine…

Rick: I don’t see how it would do either or those.

Angela: Okay then I’m not going to do it.

Rick: Yeah, I don’t see any benefit there for that.

Angela: Okay.
Rick: Okay?

Angela: Thank you, Rick.

Rick: Great, you’re welcome.

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