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Community Library Website – Member’s Progress Report

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In this video we take a quick look at the progress that our member has made in creating her church library website. Her library committee thinks it looks great.

Video Transcript

Well you know, I’m just tickled to death at your site. It looks absolutely beautiful and you were just going to close by basking it its glory here for a second.

Well, I’ll tell you my library committee is also thinking it’s pretty glorious. It makes me look good but I keep pointing in your direction and then saying, “Well, it’s not really me. It’s this wonderful guy here.”

Well, look how beautiful it is. It’s just stunning. It looks so nice and the way these things work, it’s just gorgeous. Really, I’m totally enamored with the way you did this archive display.

Thank you. I’m really pleased.

I think it looks terrific so…okay well, so I guess this is what you can do if you just hang around me for a while, in case you were wondering.

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