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How to Configure the WooCommerce Featured Products Widget

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In this session we demonstrate how to configure the WooCommerce Featured Products widget in the sidebar and show you the trick to making sure the products show as featured from the products list.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay, so you want to put a WooCommerce widget in a sidebar…

Member: Correct.

Rick: So, I’m going to let you show me your screen so that you can show me what’s happening because it should be pretty straightforward…

Member: I actually didn’t think I was going to get caught in this because I’m just developing the site and… give me just a second to get in to the…

Rick: We’ll I can also show you on one of my demo sites, so… let’s see, it’s…

Member: Okay, because I’m probably going to be a premiere member tomorrow…

Rick: here we go… Okay, let’s go to a simpler site for this. Well, maybe it’s It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the site. Do I have any products on the site? Maybe I’m looking at the site without products, oh no, we’ve got products here. Okay, great. So, let’s go to wp-admin…

Member: I can put the widget in the sidebar, it just doesn’t show up with a featured item.

Rick: Okay, so let’s just look at those widgets for just a second then. Main widget area, then we’re looking for WooCommerce, which WooCommerce widget is it that you want to put in there?

Member: Featured product.

Rick: Okay, WooCommerce Featured Product. See I don’t think I have that, Top Rated Products, Recent Products, Recent Reviews, Random Products, Product Categories, oh no, I’m sorry there it is… I just went past it. Okay, so the number of products to show, I’m going to say 2. Then we’ll come over and view the site. Okay nothing is showing there, I grant you that.

Okay, nothing is showing there. So then, let’s go over to our products and make sure some are featured. Let’s see, we’ll edit this one and make sure it’s featured. Where does that happen?

Member: Product page. For that product and you had a featured image down at the bottom.

Rick: Yeah, I’ve got a featured image there but that doesn’t make it a featured product.

Member: Oh, how about the next…. scroll down just a little bit more… and there’s the product gallery image…

Rick: Yeah, I don’t guess it’s there either… Let’s go back a page, because I think it’s this thing right here, toggle featured, so if I make that one featured and that one featured, okay there we go. And then refresh this, I don’t have any featured product so then it didn’t show. But now that I have setup a couple of featured products they are showing.

Member: They show there

Rick: So, the trick here is to have actually marked them as featured.

Member: Okay, and that’s that star on the right hand side

Rick: That’s the star here. Now, you know, there’s got to be some place else too, though. And maybe there isn’t some place else. Maybe that’s the only place to set it as featured is in that, I guess it is. The only place to set the image as featured is in the whole products list.

Member: Yeah.

Rick: Oh, somebody who is more familiar with this is saying you’ll have to click the star.

Member: It’s setting in now, I did not even… I’ve been working on that one for two days (laughs)

Rick: (laughs) Well, there you go.

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