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Configuring IDX Data to Fit Your Site Design

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In this session we talk about how to configure IDX data to fit site design for a real estate property search site and discuss using percentages rather than using pixels when setting the sizes for images.

Video Transcript

Member: Alright, this is because I put those property search data. You see these pictures?

Rick: Yup.

Member: They’re from an IDX Feed company so they provide data for me. So I, for example, if I go to a simple, basic search screen you know, I just play with it. I just want to show you some data available out there. So the data down here, in this area, is coming from the vendor, alright?

Rick: And is it coming in an absolute size?

Member: Well, that’s something I want to show you later. But before that, the top… this portion is my design. And it somehow… I use it as a global wrapper to make it like a template to wrap around the vendor’s data here. So the site design has a combination of my own specifications with theirs. So now, if I go to the vendor’s site, they tell me you know, here’s all their css design. Then I’m not so sure if they are using px system or em system. It looks like..

Rick: They’re using px.

Member: Okay.

Rick: And sometimes, they’re using points.

Member: Right. And sometimes, they do use em as well. You know, it’s like a combination of everything because I don’t have another bigger screen to test on it. So I’m not sure, whatever the number I set up, is that going to work for someone else’s screen or not? You know what I’m talking about?

Rick: I think I know what you’re talking about. You know, what I would do when you’re setting up those sizes, I would play with using percentages for those things.

Member: Now you’re going to… okay.

Rick: Rather than using pixels. So for example, if you want the thing to be 100% wide inside of the space you’re placing it, rather than say, do it 800 pixels, I would say do it 100%.

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