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Configuring the Next Post/Previous Post Links in Agility and Carta

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In this session we demonstrate how to configure the next post/previous post links in the Agility Skin and the Carta Skin using the Agility Custom Post Nav box that is built into the latest version of Agility. We also show how to setup the settings by changing the intro text and custom text.

Video Transcript

Rick: One of the other things that I’ve done here is I’ve created a box to fix the next post / previous post problem. This is probably a short term problem but it’s been annoying folks so I have created a new post navigation box. It’s called the Agility Custom Post Nav and this is currently built in to the lates version of Agility. The Agility Custom Post Nav works pretty similar to the one that doesn’t work, the Standard Thesis Post Nav except that the same box can be used either for the next post or the previous post so you choose which html tag you want to use, you choose whether previous post or next post. If you want text that is specified before the link, this is the Previous Post Intro Text, and if you click on this you’ll say enter text that will precedes the actual link to the post. This is optional. So for example if you say, Howdy. Say ok to that. Save the template. Come back over and look at it and what it does is, this text precedes the link. It does not modify the link, it is intro text so it happens in advance of the link.

If you don’t want to use the page title, you can choose to use your own custom text. Now if you choose to use your own custom text, it shows up here. And since this is previous post, we can say that. Save it. Refresh it. And now the link says “Previous Post” instead of the Post Meta.

Theoretically, this is how the Thesis want it supposed to work but in reality obviously it’s not working that way. So we refresh it again, you can do intro text or not, the intro text is not part of the link, it just comes immediately before the link. Probably what you want to do, you know, you can just use like this. And the same thing is true with the next post, and again the next post you can say “Use your own custom text” and say Next Post>> and we can say howdy here just so you see what happens with this intro text.

There are people that are confused about how the intro text is supposed to work so there it is. So, if you’re installing Agility from scratch then these are already in place. If you are not installing Agility from scratch, then if you upgrade to, these won’t be here they will just be sitting over here waiting for you to create one. And to create one you will have to come down to the Agility Custom Post Nav, add a new one and then go through the process of setting up the settings with Previous and then add another new one, and set it up for Next. So that’s what’s happening there. This is not currently done yet for Carta but it’s going to be done for Carta as well almost immediately, and I’m also going to be publishing a box that does it.

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