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Create a Thesis Header Image with Photoshop

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This is a simple tutorial on how to create a header image using Photoshop for your Thesis Header.

Video Transcript

Rick: Good morning, Jim. How are you doing?

Jim: I’m good, thanks!

Rick: So, what was your question?

Jim: Well, I’m brand new to WordPress and I do have a website now but it’s pretty basic and I really make it look a bit better by (00:20) at least header. And now before you help me out with the (00:25) to… Actually, I know how to add things to the Head area but one thing, how could I make the header saves the job like it might do to (00:36) and (00:37) or something? Is it some matter of putting it into an application like PhotoShop. Is that the way you would do it?

Using PhotoShop to Edit Header Image

Rick: Yeah, that’s exactly how I would do it. I mean I would do use PhotoShop. Are you on a Mac or on a PC?

Jim: I’m on a PC.

Rick: And do you have PhotoShop?

Jim: I have the older version, yes. I’ve got a PhotoShop CS3.

Rick: If you’ve got CS3, you can certainly use it and if you’re comfortable using PhotoShop you can certainly use PhotoShop to do that. I have CS5 but nevertheless, it’s essentially the same program. I’ll give you a very brief demonstration.

Jim: (1:47) on the website? and (1:50). Yeah.

Rick: Yed. Let’s just say that you’ve got the PhotoShop open and you want to create a banner that’s 125×1000 pixels. You would just create a new document, make sure the resolution is set at 72 pixels per inch, the width would be 1000, the height would be 150. Let’s say, okay to that.

Now you have sort of a canvass. You have the basis for putting stuff on and you would just use the general PhotoShop tools. Let’s just say you had a photograph for example and you want to put that photograph in. So you had this image that you purchased from dreamstime and you want to make that a part of your header.

Using PhotoShop’s Cropping Tool to Reduce Image Sizes

In fact, the thing to do is just to start from here so you would adjust your image size so that resolution was 72 dpi and the width was 1000. You’d start with that and then maybe you’d use your cropping tool to reduce the size of the image closer to what you wanted it to be and then you could use in “Canvass size” to fine tune that.

I’m going to start at 125 pixels. Let’s say you want to take this image and move it into the other one. You would make it so you could see them both side by side. You would pick the layer of the image that you want to move and drag it over to the image that you want to use.

Then you could just go back to the full screen mode and now you can move this thing around within that space you’ve got. Maybe you want to make this a little bit transparent so you take that layer and you’d add some opacity to it. Of course, you don’t want the whole thing to be transparent so you’d take the layer that’s behind it and you would paint a background in it.

Jim: You’re on a second layer to do that.

Rick: Yes, each thing you do, you do it on layer itself so you can turn it on and turn it off and if you don’t want it to be red, you want it to be white instead.

Jim: Yeah, you just have to mess around with that and I’m not really good at PhotoShop. I thought it looks simple now.

Rick: No. PhotoShop’s not simple at all. PhotoShop is a very complicated professional piece of software and there’s lots to learn. There’s lots of resources out there to learn how to do it but it’s actually not an easy piece of software to learn how to use. That is a tool and it is a tool that I use for that kind of thing.

Jim: Yeah. as Another Tool to Edit Images

Rick: Another tool that’s probably simpler to use because it can’t do as much is I do have a bunch of videos on my site about how to use That’s a free application that you can use on a PC but it won’t work on a Mac.

Jim: Is that the stuff that comes with Windows, is it?

Rick: No, it’s not. is something that you download online.

Jim: Okay, right. And you could do something similar as what you’ve just done there, kind of?

Rick: Yeah, you can. Once you’ve got your (6:51) the way you want it, you just go over and “Save for Web & Devices”.

Jim: I have like (6:59) logo or the name of your business or whatever would use another layer. Would you use that or would you use the text?

Rick: Yes. You use the text tool which creates another layer.

Jim: Yeah.

Rick: Right. Everything you do should be on an individual layer. If you look at one of my things, sometimes I have as many as 100 layers. Just because I’m fooling around.

Jim: I’ll keep it (7:37).

Rick: Okay, there you go. Is that it?

Jim: That’s (7:32) yeah. I can go back and I can do that here. The video will be up at some stage later on?

Rick: This video will be up next week sometime, yeah.

Jim: Yeah, that’s great because I need it. Well, thank you.

Rick: Okay, you’ve absolutely welcome.

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